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And to nobody’s surprise we have those moronic Republicans already coming out and calling this whole thing a ‘witch hunt’ and ‘attack on democracy’. Yet they were the same people who happily called for the heads of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for much less :roll_eyes:

He should really be indicted for the four years of disgraceful conduct whilst he was in office, capped off with the insurrection.


It’s going to be interesting to see. Does this prevent him from running for presidency or is it if he’s found guilty ?

Sadly no.

It will just fuel the chaos in any future Trump administration.

Surprised how low-key the news coverage is in Australia. First mention was 5mins in on 7news. Not making the news updates at all.

It has been mentioned for weeks before it actually happened so not really breaking news.


This is probably just the start - something concrete they can nail him on. Remember what finished off Al Capone: being convicted of tax evasion.

Crazy scenes in Tennessee today with 2 of 3 Democratic lawmakers expelled from the state house for protesting gun laws on the house floors last week. The only 1 who escaped the expulsion is the white woman. The two black males were expelled.

Clearly the republicans here are racist as well as using their power in a corrupt way. The overwhelmingly gerrymandered state has a Republican super majority across all state offices but clearly this is overreach, I democratic and racist.

US President Joe Biden has confirmed he will run for the 2024 presidential election.

I don’t know if this is going to be good, especially if Trump is going to be his opponent again (a real possibility since DeSantis hasn’t performed well at all and Nikki Haley won’t stand a chance)

Biden won in 2020 mainly on Trump tearing himself down and now that a few years have passed Trump’s cult of angry white neanderthals have been growing angrier by the year and I worry that they might have some sway in terms of voting influence that may affect the results.

Happy to be proven wrong. But either way if Trump loses then I’d expect civil war.

Dear USA

Please stop allowing old farts to run your country. Biden will be 80 at the next election, Trump will be 78. Get someone younger with better ideas.

The rest of the world.


Looking at some of the confirmed candidates and potential options ananit’s slim pickings on both side, but more so the Republican side.

The Trump factor is the scariest part though. That orange bubble needs to be popped.

A Biden vs Trump campaign again would be a disaster. Unfortunately the talent pool for the next generation of American leadership is wafer thin.

For America to pull back from the current path, which, with the level of polarisation, could very well be civil war or seccesion a la the Confederacy, there needs to be something put in place to take the heat out of the debate and giving a place to both sides of politics.

As such, personally, I’d use the Bosnian model as a model for a future US, except it’s liberal leaning states as one entity and conservative leaning states as the other, with only foreign affairs/the military being the main central institutions, and everything else being devolved to the entities and/or the states. The liberal entity could become very similar to Canada and other modern liberal democracies, while the conservative entity could become that low-taxing, god-fearing utopia that they so want. Freedom of movement between the entities would be the only non-negotiable part though, people would have the right to move to the other entity if they feel it suits their needs/beliefs/lifestyle better.

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What a ludicrous post. Biden is old, the other guy is a Nazi.

The last three years has seen incredibly stable leadership. They’re fine but boring.


Trump is a narcissistic, arrogant twat of the highest order and associates with people and groups that are utterly indefensible, but he is not a Nazi. He is a wannabe fascist in the Mussolini mould but he has not crossed over the line into being a Nazi. To call him that is ignorant and dismissive of the atrocities that the Nazi regime committed against so many.

Having been in America not too long ago I can tell you right now most people on both sides wouldn’t agree with that assessment in the slightest. A lot of Democrats are disappointed that he has pretty much kept the status quo without anything much in the way of reform, while Republicans were always going to hate his guts no matter what.

Yeah mate, he literally uses Nazi propaganda and symbols. I’m fine calling him that, thanks.

And yeah — I’ve lived there too. I’m well aware of thoughts but for Christ sakes the choice is very simple between the two.


May be related to some of the strict criteria for eligibility (you have to be at least 40 years old and born in the US). Also you must have really deep pockets to run an election campaign.

I agree. And it is sad that Republicans supported him (or had to support him) to set the party’s own agenda.

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The problem here is they actually achieved quite a lot through the legislation that they were able to get over the line. With the ridiculous filibuster rule in place in the senate they were unable to pass more progressive stuff that passed the House when they were in control.

Biden managed to get the American Resuce Plan, the inflation reduction act, the infrastructure bill, the chips act and even some miniscule gun reform all passed in the last congress.

And now there is a virtual stalemate given the nut cases control the house and the dems are the majority in the senate. Not to mention the dems have to rely on Manchin and that awful Sinema woman for votes in the senate.


MTG links Hunter Biden to PornHub, thereore wants porn banned.

Really? Really? REALLY? :rofl:

BTW - I’m surprised no one has done a porn parody of her.


The vegetable within has landed in America. :wink:

As much as I despise Trump i do worry America will be stupid enough to vote for him again.

Im not sure what i think about the agesm crappla the repubicans have been spewing. I have not see any degeneratitive cognition decline that people seem to be speculating about.

Even my church pastor has falled foe the shit about Biden.

This is funny. But bloody true, MTG is a bizarre individual.