2024 United States Presidential Election Coverage

Discuss media coverage of the upcoming US election, including the conventions and debates.

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In addition to Seven’s coverage, CNN will also have coverage from 7am AEST until 3pm AEST, which will also be simulcasted on Sky News Australia between 11AM and 1PM.

So far no coverage listed on either Fox News, CNBC, Sky News UK, or bizarrely, BBC News. No coverage listed on the ABC News Channel either, which normally takes the debates.

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oh I’d say Fox might cover it but that’s just a hunch :wink:

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Probably. Just isn’t listed on the Foxtel TV Guide, and I couldn’t find anything via a Google search.

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It’s an official CNN debate this year, not the usual one done by Commission on Presidential Debates, which is why I imagine a lot aren’t taking it

CNN is allowing US networks to simulcast but the CNN bug has to be there etc, it has to be advertised as a simulcast of the “CNN Presidential Debate”

Really sucks tbh, the clean feed in previous years was really helpful


Presumably that might also be why BBC and ABC may not be taking it (either don’t have a formal agreement with CNN, or don’t/can’t show branded coverage).


Yep I’d say so

The articles I’ve seen mention US networks only, obviously Seven has/has had links with CNN before (2020 election a big example)

Not sure specifically for international network or online rules (ABCN24 streams on YouTube for free etc)

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They have turned of the ABC News Channel stream before (Queen’s funeral, presumably due to a condition from the BBC).

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7 will take CNN’s coverage. They have access to MSNBC but prefer CNN instead. Hope we see 7 take MSNBC’s coverage come election time.

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they’d take NBC’s before MNSBC’s.


Last time the only took CNN (including one point where they crossed back to CNN but the audio was NBC). Hopefully they take NBC this year, as it would at least be an alternative to Nine who only have access to CNN.

SBS will probably take ABC (US), while 10 will take CBS.

They’ll go with the NBC broadcast feed instead of MSNBC. MSNBC can be seen on Foxtel and Fetch

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NBC News and MSNBC will simulcast CNN‘s presidential debate next week

CBS News said that it will simulcast CNN’s presidential debate next week, with plans for pre- and post- event coverage on the broadcast and streaming network.

Fox News is the latest network to announce that it would simulcast CNN’s presidential debate next week.

PBS News is the latest network to announce that it will simulcast next week’s CNN presidential debate, with NewsHour anchors Geoff Bennett and Amna Nawaz leading coverage.

ABC News will simulcast next week’s CNN presidential debate, with plans for pre- and post-debate coverage led by anchor David Muir.


How long has it been since the US Presidental debates have not been organised by the Debates Commission?

This is the first time I believe.

Appears BBC will only have a live blog online for the debate.

No coverage on ABC News Channel - probably will have a live blog as well.

The League of Women Voters sponsored the debates between 1976 and 1984, before the Debates Commission took control starting in 1988.

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Nine’s coverage

10:55 AM AEST US PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE (Live all markets)

President Biden and former President Trump participate in the first Presidential Debate of 2024. Biden and former president Trump are neck-and-neck in national opinion polls, with a considerable slice of the electorate still undecided. Hosted by Jayne Azzopardi with US correspondent Lauren Tomasi.

12:35 PM AEST 9 News

Join the 9News team for all the latest in news as well as reactions and analysis from the US Presidential Debate.

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Ad breaks in the debate is terrible. No doubt put in to support Biden to regroup his thoughts.