TV Week


I was being a bit facetious

To be fair I probably would :blush: Seeing as I also have this one:

$9.99 seems a bargain compared to $2.50 in 1979 dollars :stuck_out_tongue:


Lucky they used a different photo of Bert for the cover of the 60th issue. :wink:


Home and Away on the cover again. That’s three weeks in a row and four out of the last five weeks. And the second time Ray Meagher gets a cover this year. :roll_eyes:


Might be time to soon rename the magazine to “Home & Away Week”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am often critical of TV Week of this but I think the problem is what I’ve mentioned earlier, that Australian TV is just so ruled by reality shows and very little being invested into drama, particularly on free-to-air. It’s pretty much just down to Neighbours and Home And Away at the moment and H&A just by the fact that it has a higher audience I think is just getting a lot of coverage by default.

And there is probably only so much mileage can be made by putting reality show contestants or judges on the cover. They probably don’t rate as well in terms of generating sales.

Plus TV schedules being as volatile as they can be TV Week can’t afford to go out on a limb and put a show on the cover on the off chance that it might be axed by the time it goes to press. So H&A is probably the most “reliable” title in terms of being on the air consistently and is not likely to go anywhere soon.

So while we might criticise TV Week I think the problem is not solely of their making.


Finally, a good TV Week cover. In fact, six different TV Week covers.

They’re featuring the six nominees on six different covers: Rodger Corser, Jessica Marais, Grant Denyer, Amanda Keller, Tracy Grimshaw and Andrew Winter. I chose the
Rodger Corser one with him in a tuxedo.

This is a great idea and they’ve done a photo shoot and story with each nominee. Also a good group shot of the nominees all dressed up and looking classy (although it could have been photoshopped).

The only things is, they’ve used up six potential cover stories all in one week so we’ll probably be back to that soapie next week.


So the six Gold Logie nominee interviews should be in the same issue even though there are six different covers?


You’d think so. Standard magazine tactic. Collect all six covers with the same content in each one.


Yes, all six stories appear in each issue. It’s just the coves that are different. Marketed as “6 covers. Collect them all.” Double page spread for each and a double page spread for the group shot.

Plus there are more stories about the 2018 Logie Awards at the back, as well as the list of nominees in the lead up to the awards next week.


I would if they weren’t $5 a pop :stuck_out_tongue:

But good on them for trying it


True. A lot of magazines do this overseas for collectors. Especially fir all the cult shows with obsessive fans. GQ is the only I’ve noticed in Australia that does it every year for their yearly awards.

I think TV Week have only does this a handful of times. I can remember three issues featuring Home & Away actors at Christmas and another time with two issues featuring Brad Pitt for some odd reason.


They’ve posted these on Social Media

In order of Instagram Likes:
Rodger Corser
Jessica Marais
Amanda Keller
Tracy Grimshaw
Andrew Winter
Grant Denyer


I don’t think they did a good job distributing these issues evenly around Australia. I’ve only seen two covers in Sydney city and my suburb: Rodger Corser and Tracy Grimshaw. I can’t collect all 6, even if I wanted to.


I’ve seen Jessica Marais and Andrew Winter covers at The Glen.


I agree. I’ve been to several different newsagents in the last few days, and have only seen these two covers too (Corser and Grimshaw).

Good concept for having 6 covers with the 6 Gold Logie Nominees, but bad distribution team!


It’s Bauer. What else do you expect?


I think I’ve seen most of them. Can remember seeing Denyer, Winter, Keller and Marais at any rate.


This week’s “2018 Logies Special” cover features the cast of Wentworth. Great looking cover.


They’ve ditched the Logie Awards winner cover again this year and have a Home And Away cover instead, with an actor’s love life gossip. :roll_eyes: I suppose it’s some consolation that the photo was from the awards night.

Considering their website is solely focused on the awards these days, you’d think they would provide better coverage in the magazine itself.


I’m sure the magazine will have heaps of coverage (of ladies in frocks :unamused:)

Is a bit poor though that the Gold winner is not given prominence on the front cover. Been like this for a few years now.