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kill me


:laughing: And what makes them think that all TV Week readers want a eight page spread and cover with every Home and Away photographed in Christmas poses telling us about their Christmas?

And nobody else from any other show? Aren’t there any other TV shows in Australia any more? The only other Christmas feature is for Carols By Candlelight with David and Sonia. :roll_eyes:


One Neighbours fan has spat the dummy


It’s funny how many negative comments they get about it on social media now. It used to be all in favour, in the past. I guess they just count the number of comments they get and keep carrying on rather than looking closely at what people are saying.


Home & Away magazine, oops i mean TV Week is out with a whopping 8 pages dedicated to Home & Away :nauseated_face:


There are no other Australian television series on Australian television, it would seem. :roll_eyes:

They just did photo shoots and interviews with over 30 television stars for the 60 years of TV Week. How hard could it have been to shoot an extra photo for their Christmas issue?

They could have used those photos and made this Christmas issue a celebration for all television, not just one show.


Hope you’re all seated… because there’s a Neighbours cover

But they still can’t help themselves… there’s the top 20 Home And Away characters of all time… I can just imagine who’s Number 1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was actually taken aback seeing that. :laughing:

It doesn’t have to be Neighbours but this is exactly the sort of thing they should be doing.

  1. The story of Izzy returning has actually been newsworthy and covered by quite a few media outlets.
  2. Natalie Bassingthwaighte is high profile thanks to X Factor and I’m A Celeb etc.
  3. Neighbours is one of the few Aussie show returning next week with new episodes.
  4. This is actually a really good looking cover using photos from what must be a new photo shoot.

Tick, tick, tick, tick. :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

I agree that the Home & Away stories are non-stories and there could have been other things covered this week:

  1. Family Feud also starting next week, with a new set.
  2. The Project returning and Lisa Wilkinson joining The Project in 2018. Hopefully there will still be a Lisa Wilkinson cover coming up. Maybe for the 2018 Preview issue of Australian shows.
  3. And for the 2018 Preview issue of International shows, I believe the star of The Good Doctor deserves a cover for the high ratings it has already achieved.
  4. Georgie Gardner returning to Today is also worth a cover, down the track.


When are TV Week planning to put 7Flix program guide in the listings, it has been on air for four months now not to mention 9Life which has been on air in regional areas for how long?


No idea what edition you get but if you buy it from the newspaper shops up here in NNSW you get this but if you buy at a petrol station you get the metro edition, which gives you full day rundowns.


Victorian edition


Whereas, here in TAS we get 7flix and 9life in the tv guide despite not getting either here yet don’t get NITV in the guide despite getting that.


It’s a bit rude that they don’t include NITV anywhere considering it’s been around for a few years now.

Also, I don’t understand why they show 9HD, Ten HD and ABC HD as the main channels but not 7HD and SBS HD. They’re inconsistent.


Surely NITV could split a line with ABC News?


And here in regional vic we get 7flix and 9life and it is not in the TV week come on TV week get it right… Have they got a contact where you can email?


I have thought the same thing.


The general email address is:


I agree. Surely it is time for TV Week to put NITV’s schedule in the tv guide section. Id either replace the ABC News guide, or it least share the line with it.


I like how they show both the channel logo and the name of the channel side by side.


They just need to fix up the numbers in the circle below the names.

SBS has 3/30 but not explaining 30 is HD.
Viceland shown as 31/32 but not explaining 32 is HD.
ABC has 20 and ABC HD logo.
Seven has 7 and 7 logo.
Nine has 90 and 9HD logo.
Ten has 13 and TenHD logo.

I think they need to have two circles there.
3 & 3HD
31 & 32HD
2 & 20HD
7 & 70HD
9 & 90HD
10 & 13HD