TV Week


60th anniversary issue is out tomorrow


Strange that they’ve gone for a black and white cover when all those shows were in colour. Hardly making it attractive to readers particularly younger ones.


I guess it’s to go with the silver “60” being the silver anniversary


But 60 is actually a diamond anniversary. :wink:

They’ve shown diamonds within the “60” and that would have been enough. The rest should have been in colour to jump out at you on the stands.


oh yeah, that’s what i meant of course :hushed:


they did a gold theme for the 50th



The hot pink is a bit out there but all the colours are eye catching.

The composite photo on page 3 this week would have made a better cover shot @TelevisionAU. Graham Kennedy, Georgie Parker, Margot Robbie and Craig McLachlan together would have been a great cover.


I’ve just seen it today (my copy has just turned up in the mail. pretty quick, actually. Lately they’ve been lucky to arrive before the TV listings start!) it is a good composite and something like that would have made a great cover although I don’t have an issue with the cover they went with

Although have you seen their “iconic covers” list? Out of thousands of issues printed over 60 years, their 24 “iconic” covers include

8 featuring Home And Away
4 featuring Neighbours
2 featuring Georgie Parker
2 featuring Bert Newton
1 from the 1950s (the first issue)
0 from the 1960s
1 from the 1970s
3 from the 1980s

Although there is more variety of covers revisited in the actual magazine, I kinda thought their website might have spread the love a bit through the decades and not so much freakin Home And Away. I mean, how do you pick an “iconic” Home And Away cover they all look much the same?


And I really have a big problem with at least two choices of their 60 biggest stars of TV.
Steven Peacocke at number 10? Are they freaking serious?
And Bonnie Sveen is On that list? What a joke?

Where’s Rowena Wallace? Pat the Rat from Sons and Daughters and so many other roles.
What about Maggie Kirkpatrick, the original Freak from Prisoner?
Even Cornelia Frances is bigger with all her roles from The Young Doctors, Sons & Daughters, Home & Away, The Weakest Link.
So many comedy stars from sketch shows also overlooked.

And then you have Next Week to look forward to.
An “exclusive photo shoot” with Stephen Peacocke in his “most revealing interview yet”. :roll_eyes: “in LA talking to talk acting, the future - and which is his favourite TV Week cover!” Seriously? This sounds like a piss take from a sketch show. Was it the one they recycled twice? Or the ones from the same photo shoot they used ten times? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why do they waste resources on this one particular actor struggling overseas when they can be using the money to build up the profile of some of the stars who are actually on Aussie TV right now?


I just knew they were going to put Steven Peacoke on the cover. And a misleading headline that makes you think he’s coming back to the show when in fact it just means he’s returning to Australia, having failed to make it in America. :roll_eyes:

So much for having less Home and Away on the cover too. It’s a disgrace that last week they were proud of the fact he had been on 50 covers and therefore made it seem like he’s one of the biggest stars on Australian TV. What a joke.

I’m protesting. I’m not buying this issue.


I saw the “preview” above on Twitter and i thought i bet it’s Steve Peacocke… then i come here and sure enough… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“Why I have to return”

My visa ran out…


"I can’t get a job over here and I’ve run out of money."


Over the past few years TV Week has regularly done the ‘Why I had to leave’ heading for former H&A cast members - so much so that I’ve started keeping the issues as proof that they have no creativity with their headings!


I just looked back at the last year in covers and noticed how hilariously unoriginal they are. This week’s cover story is practically a repeat of the same story exactly a year ago. Guess what? Neither story is about him returning to Home & Away. TV Week. Fake News! :stuck_out_tongue:

This week’s cover Dec9-15, 2017 "Why I Have To Return"

Last Year’s cover Nov26-Dec2, 2016 "Why I Had To Come Back"


their obsession with this guy is ridiculous.


Much better cover this week for the third special issue “60 years of TV Week”

All Saints Reunion: Erik Thomson and Georgie Parker.

While it is technically another Home & Away actor on the cover, it is also an 800 Words actor on the cover. But it’s actually really good that they did a special reunion cover to celebrate the magazine’s anniversary.

This is the sort of thing that they should have done for all three of these special issue covers. They did interviews and shot great photos for the three issues. A shame the last two covers were awful.

PS. TV Week also has a hard glossy cover this week like other weekly magazines have had for a while now.


What about Martin Lynes? Oh wait…


Nice choice.

But they still won’t let go of Brax. This was tweeted after tonight’s front cover sneak peek:

What is the appeal of this guy that he has such a grip on TV Week’s editorial? Does he have shares in Bauer or something?!??


I do wonder if he does actually sell more magazines when he is on the cover or whether they just react to the comments they get on social media about him.

I get the impression that Home and Away publicity department take the TV Week staff out for lunch and give them a lot of gifts in return for all the publicity they give the show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At the back of this week’s issue:
Don’t miss next week’s double issue!

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: Oh, FFS!