TV Week


TV Week editor in chief Emma Nolan is leaving Bauer after 15 years to become the new editor of Who magazine in December.


TV Week deputy editor Thomas Woodgate has been promoted to editor, replacing Emma Nolan, effective immediately. Woodgate has worked at the magazine more than three years, most recently as deputy editor for the last 18 months.


Thomas Woodgate has chosen The Doctor Blake Mysteries for his first cover as editor of TV Week. Promising start.


I guess Home And Away is back on the cover next week… and oh joy… 12 pages of it…


And another deadly disaster on Home and Away. How original. :roll_eyes:


I reckon Summer Bay plus Seattle, the home of Grey’s Anatomy, are the two most dangerous places on the planet.


Ramsay Street is no picnic either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Midsomer and Mount Thomas should be avoided too. :wink:


TV Week has gone back to featuring Home and Away on the cover every second week. :roll_eyes:


New editor Thomas Woodgate has apparently told TV Tonight that we can look forward to some more variety in TV Week front covers :slight_smile:


I hope that’s true and they had been doing well in the last few month’s of Emma Nolan’s run. We had so many TV personalities from different shows that had never featured before. It must have been going well because some of those featured more than once, like The Doctor Blake Mysteries and The Block…

I was concerned when Thomas Woodgate took over because he hasn’t been shy about his enthusiasm of Home And Away and now he’s featured it on two out four issues. One of the annoying things is that they run some stories on the website which is big news and it never makes the magazine. Yet, we get all these pages of Home & Away including heaps of retro stuff. Why?

Here’s hoping he will provide some variety though.


They had a double page “flashback” to Brax (?) the other week. The guy left the Home And Away years ago. They really need to let him go and move on.


Exactly. Makes no sense.

I can understand they get a lot of comments and “likes” on social media for that show but those kids that do that, don’t buy the magazines. I think they have it all back to front. They should be putting all their Home & Away stuff online where those fans are active and put all the news and info about other shows in the magazine, in an effort to attract a wider readership.

And anyway, I don’t think all the social media feedback is that good for Home & Away these days. Last time they did a Home & Away cover, I had a look at the comments on it. I would say the majority of it was bad and some of it really bad. The show copped it for having so many repetitive disaster storylines and TV Week copped it for featuring them as cover stories. :joy:


Honestly have to wonder how much life TV Week has left in it before Bauer swing the axe. They’ve axed publications with much better circulation figures…


They can’t axe everything but that’s another story completely.

I don’t think Bauer Media are really doing a good job in doing anything to improve circulation figures of any magazine. They just seem to be in the business of shutting them down and in effect putting themselves out of business.

Are magazines going out of business in other countries as fast as they are in Australia? In so many other countries they seem to be thriving and even expanding their brands with online content. Why not Australia?


They seem out of touch with current big trending stories in the media. Their web site really should be huge but it is usually left to the Daily Mail or Mama Mia to sate the appetite of media gossip junkies. Based on the number of on-line stories, Sophie Monk should have been on every second cover of TV Week.


Although they’re inconsistent, it’s good when they announce their cover on social media on the Sunday before its official release.


TV Week is turning 60. I had no idea the magazine was so old!

They’re apparently doing three 60th birthday special editions including their ‘offical list of the biggest stars of all time’.

I’ve got some TV Week magazines at home from the 1980s but I didn’t realise the magazine had been around much longer.


From the first issue, dated 5 December 1957. Geoff Corke from IMT and singer Val Ruff on the cover.

Geoff Corke died in 1993 but TV Week interviewed Val for their 40th anniversary issue in 1997


Is this first edition in your collection?


Yep. For years I only had the replica that was printed in 1997 but finally struck an original only a few years ago