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They need to move on from this guy it’s embarrassing


Has the spin-off magazine TV Week Close Up become defunct?

Just noticed that there is a TV Close Up Star Puzzler on the shelves today. The byline is “All your favourite puzzles with a touch of TV!. 150+ Puzzles.”

TV Week Close Up logo is really small, like it could be dropped after a couple of issues.


I don’t know but it doesn’t surprise me if it had. It seemed to be a launch that there was no real demand for and with content that would have been better for the regular mag anyway.

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They have a promo for it on the stupidly named “now to love” website.





@JBar - What’s the cover this week friend?


Surprise, surprise. Home and Away again.

Ziggy and Brody. It’s another recycled cover. It’s the exact same shot of the couple we’ve seen on a few covers before but they’ve flipped the photo and photoshopped the dress and shirt colours.

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These were the previous covers:


And another cover using a pic from the same photo shoot.


Yawn. I kinda expect even more coverage from TV Week for HA now given the show is in a serious ratings decline.


That should be a reason for not covering it as much and looking for more popular shows that will sell magazines.


these days that pretty much narrows it down to Married At First Sight :roll_eyes:


I’m not saying they’re the only shows that should be on the cover but there are a few others that have rated higher but have never had a cover. Gogglebox and Travel Guides come to mind.

Generally, I’d like to see more variety in the shows featured. And interesting people who are doing lots of different things and appearing on lots of shows like Celia Pacquola, Tommy Little, Luke McGregor, Joel Creasey, Julia Zemiro etc.


I totally agree but their current strategy tends to be to stick to shows that are reliable in the schedule or not likely to disappear in a hurry (Home And Away) or trashy reality shows (MKR/MAFS).

I’ve got the survey from the latest issue which I will be sending off to them… with the Home And Away question scrubbed out entirely!


Ha ha! :joy:

I’ve already sent it in and put two big crosses through those sections.


@JBar - TV Week cover this week? :slight_smile:


Home and Away again.

Alf Stewart again.

Stay or Go? again.


OMG - really… again!?


Not only recycling photos but recycling headlines as well?


Really looks like they are completely out of ideas.

Stay or Go?
The heartbreaking reason Alf could leave forever.

But we know this is misleading because Ray Meagher came out again recently and said he signed for another year but with s lighter workload.



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