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Really not surprising. Neighbours better feature on the cover next week due to Sonya’s death and not just in a small bubble on the right or left of the cover!


The story is in this week’s issue and Sonya & Toadie are in one of the three smaller photos on the cover with MAFS and DWTS.


Really!? That’s so disappointing. Neighbours deserves so much better than that!


OMG! HAA is on the cover! That never happens, thank you so much TV Week for putting it on the cover… said no one EVER!

So disrespectful to Neighbours.

A character of 10 years, who is married to a Ramsay St legend and they don’t even get the cover. Makes me sick. If this was HAA it would be a 20 page spread!!! God if Leah sneezed they would make it a front cover…“Leah’s deadly diagnosis… can she get through this!?”



Hmm. That cover looks familiar.

September 2018

October 2018


they always do


Have not really watch Neighbours for years, but a show that has been on for 34 years deserves respect!


And the headlines are not very original. Or is that just the show?

Love on the Line. Is this Chealsea’s last chance with Colby?
Love on the Rocks. Who calls it quits?
It’s Over! Which couple calls it quits this week?


probably lack of originality on both sides.

But when you consider how rapidly schedules can change, like Changing Rooms suddenly being dumped from the schedule, you can probably half understand why TVW might err on the side of H&A when picking a cover. It’s not likely to be bumped at a moment’s notice. Certainly room for more of a guernsey for Neighbours but taking their pick of too many other shows for the cover can be problematic.


You get your wish this week with a bunch of MAFS nobodies on the cover. Headline screams: MAFS EXPLODES!

Cheating, lies and panic attacks! Which couple will be torn apart?

My guess is all of them, as usual. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My wish is Neighbours covers. Neighbours covers everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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Neighbours deserved the cover last week! This weeks issue.


Your wish is granted. :wink:

A cheating scandal threatens Elly and Mark’s big day.


While this is good, could they not have done a Neighbours cover 2 weeks earlier with Sonya’s departure instead of the usual pained romance stories


Totally agree. Sonya’s death is arguably the best Neighbours death ever. It deserved a cover of Eve Morey and Ryan Moloney.


I agree. I think TV Week staffed up the covers! Eve and Ryan (aka Sonya and Toadie) from Neighbours should have been on the cover recently, rather than the silly “cheating scandal” which does the rounds every 3 weeks on the cover! lol.


This week’s issue has a two-page reader survey towards the back cover. By filling in the survey you have a chance to win $500.
I think the survey is well overdue as it gives people a chance to show their dissatisfaction at the choice of front covers.


Yikes. It’s quite extensive. It’s going to take a while to complete.



Too bad they’re skewing it towards Home and Away.

Which shows on the cover make you more inclined to buy TV Week
1.Home and Away :roll_eyes:

Which stars would you like to read more about in TV Week?
Stephen Peacocke (Seriously? :roll_eyes: )
Ray Meagher
Ada Nicodemou

And then you have a whole section on Home and Away.
On Home and Away, who are your favourite characters?
17 actors listed :roll_eyes:

FFS. Move on, will you?