TV Week


But it’s ok because there’s a RIVER BOY back on TV so TV Week can get some fresh content :smirk:


Silly having old articles reappear in TV Week. I’m glad they they’ve been caught out.

And guarantee that the River Boy will be on the cover of TV Week within weeks, and a number of times after that. Of course, there will be little talk about Ten’s Five Bedrooms show, and instead will talk about “when” he will return to Home and Away, and will feature in the bi-monthly special Home and Away issues. lol.


At least they had the good sense to put I’m A Celeb on the cover this week given how well the show rated last week.

In the last issue, they were heralding NEXT WEEK: It’s what we’ve all been waiting for…the return of Home and Away.

They must have been caught out by Seven’s decision to delay it by three weeks because there is no cover story, in fact no story at all.


No idea what these river boy references are.


You clearly haven’t read TV Week any time in about the past 5 years :wink:


I last regularly bought it about twenty years ago.


that would explain it


Apparently TV Week’s predictions for I’m A Celebrity didn’t do too well.


I think the magazine boasted a while ago that Stephen Peacocke has had more TV Week covers than any other TV personality in Australian history.

You obviously don’t share TV Week’s obsession with Australia’s “greatest personality” and Australia’s “greatest TV show” ever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no! TV Week will have to be forced to feature Neighbours on the cover again.

So happy HAA is off air until late Feb! Fingers crossed it’s moved to 7TWO!


Bert Newton and The Don Lane Show? :smiley:


Wow, two Neighbours stories on the cover! So refreshing not seeing HAA dominating the cover.



yeah but if you look inside is there “The Top 30 Props Ever Used In The Diner In Home And Away”, a 12-page spread


Please let the hamburger phone be number 1. Or Ailsa’s corpse.


No joke, this is something I could see TV Week doing. So obsessed with that silly show!


I bought the mag today and there is no mention of Home and Away inside whatsoever :laughing:


Wish that was true. I hate to break it to you, but there actually is. They just can’t help themselves.

There’s a story on the new season of Rosehaven. Debra Lawrance and Norman Coburn are making guest appearances, So, they had to have a sidebar story: Home and Away reunion The article starts Pippa and Donald journey from Summer Bay to Tasmania in Rosehaven this week. :roll_eyes:

So of course they ran an old photo from Home and Away too. :weary:


So what are the odds of Home and Away being on the cover? The 1,000 retro throw back or a former cast members “TV comeback” splattered over the cover? TV Week really have no need to feature the show until the 11th of Feb given it won’t be back on screens until the 18th…

At least other shows get a chance for the next two weeks, more-so Neighbours


Thankfully we’re getting a rest from it. It’s My Kitchen Rules this week featuring Manu, Pete and Colin.


Uhh. Still Seven though isn’t it.