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So Home & Away on the cover yet again this week. :sleeping: It’s ironic that Ashleigh Brewer was on Neighbours for years but never scored a cover but she has been on Home & Away for just a few months and she has had the cover 3 or 4 times.

But at least they’ve got a 20 page special section for the Neighbours 8000th episode at the back. You flip the magazine and it’s a “bonus mini mag”.


So Neighbours has a 20-page special section, celebrating its 8000th episode, and is still unable to make it on the cover? And have Home and Away on the cover, again? Sigh.

I am happy that the magazine is celebrating Neighbours’ milestone with the 20-pages, but nonetheless, should have been the main cover. Home and Away isn’t even on next week


Double issue this week ($5.99).

What a surprise! Home and Away on the cover again and it’s not even on air for the next few weeks. The same three Home and Away people who have been on the cover about six or seven times this year, including the most overexposed Sam Frost. :roll_eyes:

The headline reads: Time to Celebrate. 10 page exclusive.

Not celebrating Australian television at Christmas. Only celebrating Home and Away it seems. Apparently there are no other television shows on Australian television any more.


10 pages for Home And Away?? Again? Well I suppose they had to make up for the 20 pages given to Neighbours last week :unamused:


They call it a Home And Away special. How is it “special” when it happens every week? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While TV Week salivates over Home And Away at every given opportunity, their tribute to Neighbours for its 8000th episode includes a storyline that never actually happened, regarding Mrs Mangel

Meanwhile it included the “dream sequence” of Bouncer getting ‘married’… now that’s a storyline that should never have happened :wink:


Yeah, they totally stuffed that up. She did depart in 1988 but she went to live in England. She didn’t die until 2018 when her granddaughter Jane was back in Erinsborough and she had to leave for the funeral.

I guess it’s another case of the writers at TV Week being too young to know any better and not doing their fact checking properly.


Two minutes on Google could have told them that before putting it to print.

Perhaps they got confused with the character Eileen Clarke (Des’ mother) after the actress that played her (Myra de Groot) died from cancer in 1988. Although according to Perfect Blend website, the character was not killed off but was written out to go overseas.


This week they have a full page promo for the next issue with the main photo being the cast of Neighbours. It’ll be interesting to see whether they actually give them the cover this time, considering they are practically the only show still screening at this time of year.

Or will they ignore them again and give us yet another Home and Away one for no reason.


“Our Favourite Uses Of The Same Home And Away Photo Shoot From 2018” … a 30-page spread


TV Week has finally given a Neighbours a cover story again. It’s for an upcoming storyline about a siege at The Waterhole.

Stefan Dennis, Rebekay Elmaloglou and Tim Kano (Paul, Terese and Leo) are featured on the cover. The headline is: Who Gets Shot?
Deadly revenge leaves one Ramsay Street favourite fighting for life.

A bit of diversity on the cover is good too.


Does it say who the person is that’s holding them up?


Yes, the article talks about the siege.

Ivan Renshaw was ordered by his brother Raymond Renshow, father of Delaney,
to find Leo and take care of the traitor.


Finally. A Neighbours cover. Took TV Week long enough to do this!!!


As posted by JBar yesterday, Gogglebox’s Angie and Yvie are on this week’s cover.


TV Week needs to have more exclusive stories like this to stay relevant. And I don’t mean the incessant Home & Away ones.


Back to living in the past with another former Home and Away actor on the cover and another fake headline for a non story. Kate Ritchie says she’d be lying if she said she didn’t want to act again and somehow they make if look like she’s agreed to come back to the show some time soon. :roll_eyes: Fake news. Are their writers trying to get a job with New Idea?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She says the same thing on KTM on Nova a lot, yes she wants to act again someday. She’s an actor, hardly a surprise.


Is it any wonder that readers are turning their backs on traditional media when they claim to have an “exclusive” but they write absolute rubbish like this?


TV Week are recycling articles which first appear in their monthly mag TV Week Close Up.

This week they have a profile on Sharon Johal from Neighbours. In the interview she talks about her fiance which was fine first time around. They’ve been caught out because she got married months ago, so that proves this is an old article.