TV Week


Nadine Garner gets the cover this week with the headline “Blake is Back!” The telemovie screens Friday 30 November @ 8.30pm.


No Home & Away Cover ???
I’m totally shocked
Seriously it’s great to see Nadine Garner on the cover
Her first ??


On her own, yes, but they have had a couple of Doctor Blake covers featuring Nadine and Craig McLachlan.


it is a nice change seeing Nadine Garner on the cover of TV Week. Its new and refreshing.

On a side note - I wonder if the mag will add 7food to its schedule in next weeks issue. I think it will be added sooner rather than later.
NITV should have been listed already by now too, but cant see that happening anytime soon. Silly editors.


There’s “Your Money” too now.


haha. That’s right. I forgot about “Your Money”.
Wouldn’t surprise me if that will be included in the guides of the mag too. lol.


One copy left at the city supermarklet, sold out at one newsagency and a couple of copies left at the the other one. And it’s only Tuesday. Take note, TV Week. There are other more popular stars out there besides those from one soapie.


Yet it sells roughly the same amount of copies every week (I.e. all of them) at my local supermarket and newsagents (yeah, they still exist) regardless of who is on the cover. Go figure!


I’ve been keeping an eye out over the last few months. There are definitely some issues that sell out by Wednesday and others that linger on the shelves at the end of the week.

My suburban supermarket sells out almost every week regardless of who is on the cover. That just tells me they don’t stock enough copies. It’s in an area which has had a lot of new high rise apartments go in but obviously TV Week & Woolies don’t assess the popularity of stock on the shelves. But this a big supermarket and this happens a lot there with magazines and stock in general.


I’ve been keeping an eye on it too. I find it odd that it’s the one magazine that always seems to sell out at my local. I’m not sure if that means it’s the highest seller there, but it tells me the same thing as you (not enough copies of it).


Another Home and Away throwback this week with Chris Hemsworth and his wife on the cover.


Sigh :hushed:


TV Week has added 7 The Food Network to the program guide.

They’ve rearranged the channels to fit the pages and so each network is grouped together. No change to ABC, 7,9, 10 page.

SBS has lost space though and is squeezed onto the page with SBS Viceland, SBS Food along with 10 Boss and 10 Peach.

ABC News also lost space and has moved to next page with ABC ME, ABC Comedy/Kids, 7 Mate. Then continues 7 The Food Network, 7 Flix, 9 Gem, 9 Go, 9 Life.


Seven are on such a winner with these guys … you would think this magazine is a part of the PACMAGS stable … thanks Bauer for the free publicity :slight_smile:


I’m sure Home And Away didn’t get so much press when TV Week actually was published by Pacmags :unamused:


Elsa Pataky has a new series coming up on Netflix called Tidelands.


Yes but the cover photo is not one specifically for a TV Week photo shoot but one probably taken at a premiere or awards show.



Same Home and Away faces on the cover yet again this week.

They have a good story in the mag “20 most talked-about (local) TV stars of 2018”. While they have 6 Home and Away actors on the list :roll_eyes: you’d think they could have used some of the others on the cover this week.

Meanwhile, they have an advert for the next TV Week Close Up with a special issue Best of 2018. Seems like they’re keeping all the best stories for their premium magazine which has a very low circulation which seems like such a waste.

There’s a relaunch of the Streaming section in TV Week over 8 pages labelled On Demand. 4 pages is for the launch of Tidelands on Netflix.


I’m not paying for another magazine for content that they should be putting in their primary publication. I can’t see Close Up being around for long, though.