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I haven’t looked at a copy in years, but found it interesting that they have the channel name, with the logo right next to it. I can only assume it’s an accessibility thing?


Ugh! Another Home and Away cover and another one featuring Sam Frost. That’s about a dozen this year. WTF?

Do they think that these issues are popular because they get social media feedback? I’m pretty sure other issues are bigger sellers. This week’s Doctor Doctor issue was sold out in all the places I checked yesterday and today. The Playing For Keeps issue seemed to sell out mid week. Why aren’t they taking this into account?


They’d have to be looking at circulation data, surely. There must be numbers for them to justify the amount of Home And Away coverage.


You would think so but I see those issues still on the shelves at the end of the week. I just wonder if they actually do take note of circulation.


I know regular audits are only six months apart but I would hope that weekly sales data is available to the publisher. It would be as critical to them as ratings are for TV.


From what I’ve seen she’s one of the weakest actresses on the show, so what is the obsession with Sam Frost?


Surely they could give Playing for Keeps a cover or the final of A Place to Call Home? Rebecca Gibney in Wanted even?


It surprises me that Sam Frost has appeared in that many covers. That is 8 covers this year of her, probably around 6 too many.

We all know that TV Week obsesses over Home and Away. And we know that they recycle photos to make them “appear as new”. But surely they have a limit of how many covers Home and Away appears on the cover every year? If TV Week wants to persist with Home and Away on the cover, then fair enough.

But at least mix it up a little more frequent. I prefer it to be on just once a month, but that’s not going to happen. lol. Id have it on one week, then 2 weeks off, then on again, then 2 weeks off and continue. EG -

  • week 1: Home and Away
  • week 2: Australian Drama (some 2018 shows like: Playing For Keeps, Rake, Doctor Doctor, Neighbours etc)
  • Week 3: Non-Drama, like Reality (MKR / The Block / Survivor once each); Logies Special; a TV Host (Grant Denyer/any of the Breakfast + Morning Shows) etc


I think A Place to Call Home could feature on the cover next week. On the page next to inside back cover there is a small “coming up” box revealing an exclusive interview in next week’s issue with Noni Hazlehurst on the series and the need to keep locally produced dramas.


That might be their biggest story or an exclusive but unfortunately it often still doesn’t become their cover story.


Home and Away is again on the cover this week but this time it has Ashleigh Brewer.

I can’t remember if Ashleigh had featured on the cover when she was in Neighbours or The Bold and The Beautiful.


I don’t think she ever has been on the cover.

I believe Neighbours has only featured on the cover three times since 2011 when it moved to Eleven and one was shared with Home and Away. The other two were the big news returns of Madeleine West and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

The Bold and the Beautiful has never had a cover.


I suppose it could be worse. Home & Away has its own section on the New Idea website:

Though it at least stands to reason for them as New Idea is a Seven West Media property


Back to old habits. Third week out of four it’s a Home and Away storyline on the cover.

And there’s a shonky byline on the cover too: RAFTERS RETURN Rebecca Gibney reveals all!
In it she says that she is in two minds about whether the show should ever be rebooted. :roll_eyes:
They’re starting to get as bad as the tabloids with their fake news.


Good to see they gave Lisa McCune the cover this week in the run up to the debut of How To Stay Married.


Last week’s issue with Lisa McCune must have been really popular. I noticed it was sold out around the city by Thursday. Was in a couple of supermarkets on the weekend and sold out there too. They really should take note because previous weeks’ issues with Home and Away did not sell out.

So this week it’s back to Home & Away. Not a storyline. Not an actor. It’s another one of those issues flashback issues again with 30 best Home and Away couples. :roll_eyes: And yet again, they have put Stephen Peacocke and Bonnie Sveen on the cover. :roll_eyes: And it’s the same photo they’ve used twice before for a cover. :roll_eyes:

I refuse to buy this rubbish.


Seriously. They need to move on… didn’t those 2 leave the show years ago?


Sigh. Not another issue with Home and Away!!! And why with the best 30 couples? Haven’t they done this topic before? Or am I mistaken for the “Best Couples Ever” issue, or the “top 25 Home and Away Couples” issue.

And I don’t get what the mags obsession with Stephen Peacocke abd Bonnie Sween is either.


Recycling cover photos too. This is the third time they’ve used the main one.

November 2018

February 2016

June 2014


Home and Away again this week. :sleeping: