TV Week


Or the test pattern.


Gosh, Home And Away… what a surprise :roll_eyes:

The only thing more predictable than TV Week’s covers is us complaining about it :wink:


What is worse is that they latch onto a handful of actors from that show and then just keep featuring them on the cover again and again so it looks like they keep repeating themselves and have nothing new.


My subscription copy this week is the country NSW edition for some reason!

Anyway it’s interesting to see the channel layout in the guide. No idea why Imparja gets a major position between Prime and WIN, while NBN/SC9 is literally banished to last column on the fourth page.

Surely it would make better sense to put Prime, NBN/9 and WIN together.

Also there’s no mention of Southern Cross/7 or Ten Central, even as “variations” to Prime7 or WIN

And for space reasons they’ve got 7Flix and 9Life cut down to prime-time listings only in the same column


Is there only one Country NSW edition?

Could it be because Imparja is the main Nine affiliate in that area and has the strongest signal? While NBN/9 might not be so widely available?


I don’t know if there is more than 1 country NSW edition but Imparja/SC7/TenCentral are only in satellite/VAST regions.

Prime7, NBN/SC9 and WIN are in the most populated aggregated markets.

If it was an edition intended for the remote/VAST areas then surely they’d have Imparja, SC7 and Ten up front



In service stations you get the metro edition.

It’s an absolute mess of a thing. Every major TV guide in the world has moved to grids and makes much more sense. Except the TV Satellite Week in the UK, which is just as messy.


Just thinking out loud:

Why couldn’t they do this. Cut down pages 1 and 2 to three columns each

Page 1: Remote/VAST channels (IMP, SC7, Ten) variations in one column, then ABC, Prime 7
Page 2: NBN/SC9, WIN, SBS

For pages 3 and 4 split the pages into 4 columns with some split half-way. Make the font smaller and forget program synopses.

Page 3:
Column 1: ABC News, Sky News
Column 2: ABC Me, NITV
Column 3: ABC2 (would probably need a full column)
Column 4: SBS Viceland (ditto)

Page 4:
Column 1: 7TWO, 7Mate
Column 2: 9GEM, 9GO
Column 3: One, Eleven
Column 4: 7Flix, 9Life

Similar template then could apply elsewhere where mostly it would be just Pages 1 & 2 needing local variations (and replace Sky News with Your Money in the metro versions)


Maybe online but I don’t think is the case for magazines. A lot of the European ones have the same layout as TV Week.


Out of interest, how long does a subscription copy take to arrive?


I just wonder why NITV is never listed in TV Week? If the magazine can put 7Flix and 9Life in the NSW Regional mag into the one column, then surely they can at least squeeze in NITV somewhere - even if they put it in the same column as ABC News?


Varies. In most cases it arrives by the issue date. This week it turned up on Wednesday.

Occasionally it does miss the Saturday issue date which is disappointing


Thanks, I tend to buy it most weeks as it is a handy guide (we both agree it could be much improved though). I’m guessing subscribing would be a lot cheaper, that’s all


Much cheaper to subscribe. Magazine currently retails at $5. An annual subscription is about $170, so about $3.30 a week.


I feel like it’s disrespectful that they still haven’t included it. Surely the ABC News 24 column could be halved to fit NITV.


Never going to happen in Australia. The newspapers attempted it several times through the 90s / 2000s and complaints always resulted in them reverting back to this format.

Not to mention TV Week’s circulation would probably be so low that they’d be terrified such a move would kill the mag in one foul swoop.


I sort of get it. It’s the lowest rating channel with 0.1 rating shares so like community TV and datacast channels it’s been excluded. But I think it should be listed


but maybe that is why its rating shares are that low - there is next to no exposure for the channel.

If ABC-Me gets a mention for TV Week, with a 0.5% share, then so can NITV. Anywhere in the mag.


Doctor Doctor is on the front cover this week, coinciding with next week’s season finale.


Good subjects for the cover and a good looking cover too.