TV Week


Ohmygoodness it’s a 3-parter!!??! :persevere:




You can overdose on Home and Away this week. It dominates the front and back of the magazine.

They have Part 2 of that Ultimate Fan Guide at the back and they have 4 actors for the cover story. The cover is actually two photos from two other recent cover shoots.

Seems like they are recycling again.


Here is this week’s cover and those two other similar recent covers.

This week:

Ten weeks ago:

Two weeks ago:



The photos of who it seems are called Ziggy and Brody have been reversed in one of the shots. His widow’s peak is slightly to the left of his nose in one photo and slightly to the right in the other. Her part similarly changes sides. I didn’t think that magazines did that these days. Publishing a mirror image with declaring it is a manipulated image is deception.


I think if it’s just flipping the image to reverse it, it’s not exactly what I’d call manipulation because the image is essentially the same. It’s when they actually change the image by artificially changing features then it’s a manipulation.



Can’t believe they launched a supplementary mag in the current climate.
I’ll be shocked if it lasts more than 12 months.


Good to see TV Week supporting a new show for a change with a cover story for “Playing For Keeps”, over five pages, plus a one page review of the first episode. The three main actresses are featured on the cover: Madeleine West, Olympia Valance and Isabella Giovinazzo.


Grant Denyer is on the front cover of the second issue of Close Up.


This issue has either sold out or nearly sold out in a Woolies and newsagents I walked past in the city today. It’s only Tuesday. TV Week should take note.


The Block is again on the front cover this week. Yawn.


It’s the highest rating show on television at the moment. Do you suggest they ignore what people are watching and put Bite Club on the front page? Or US drama?


It makes more sense to have the highest rating show on the cover than Home And Away, that’s for sure.


Or how about putting Australian Survivor and/or The Bachelor on the cover for a change?


Or Have You Been Paying Attention?


At least it’s not Home And Away


The Bachelor was on the cover last week.


He means as a Cover Story. The cover story last week was Playing For Keeps.

That must have been a popular issue. Checked a few supermarkets and newsagents on the weekend and it was sold out at most places. Hope that bodes well for the series.