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a shame they have ditched the Logie Award Winners Cover again.

I miss the days when the Gold Logie winner was the sole person on this special Logies Special. I also didn’t mind when they had numerous photos from Logies Night on the cover a few years ago.

To have Home and Away on the cover, which only had Ray Meagher win an award, and no one else from the show win, is a shame.


Another cover story featuring a former Home & Away interviewed about why they are back in Australia after trying their luck in America. :roll_eyes:

In fact, the whole cover is a throwback to the past.
*Lisa McCune ‘Maggie’s Death Still Haunts Me’
*Is the McLeod’s Daughters reunion still on?
*‘Why I’m Coming Home’ Former Home and Away star Lincoln Younes talks love, life & his next chapter.


Sounds bang on for the target market


50 years ago, TV Week shouted “Surprise, Surprise, we’re twice the size” as it moved from A5 to A4 size pages.

And still for the same price… 10 cents. Bargain!

“Be amazed by the new font in our TV guides”!!


Home and Away again, three weeks running. :weary:

Meanwhile, they are attempting to launch another TV Week monthly magazine spin-off, on sale August 2. This time it’s called TV Week Close Up.

It seems it will contain “exclusive interviews and photo shoots” and “unrivalled behind the scenes access”. So are they going to move all the decent content to the monthly magazine again and let TV Week languish into just being a Home and Away fan mag?


I agree. Why wouldn’t you just put the “close up” content in the main magazine? Instead of splitting the market even further.


I also agree. Why can’t they just add a “Close Up” section in the main mag, maybe at the end of the magazine? Like the last few pages. Nice and simple.

Did the “60 Years of Logies” special magazine do that well, that TV Week decided to do a separate “Close Up” monthly magazine? Or did they think of this silly idea a while ago?


I’d say they must have been planning this ahead of time.


Danni Minogue on the cover for Dance Boss but the headline reads “Back to the Bay?”. Why does everything in this mag have to have an Home & Away angle?


I’m not sure but maybe we should ask long serving Home and Away actor Ray Meagher for his thoughts about this question.



I’m sure next week’s TV Week will have a 12 page exclusive with his thoughts :no_mouth:


Cover of TV Week Close Up launch issue featuring Jessica Marais:


It’s a classier looking magazine than TV Week. Similar style to Who Weekly, In Style or Hello. Some stories run for many pages and they have some brilliant photos.

Some of the stories and photos have already appeared in TV Week though but have been expanded here and more photos included.

It looks like it’s pitched at buyers of women’s mags rather than television fans. It has a very similar vibe to the now defunct TV Week Soap Extra mag from a few years ago. They often had expanded TV Week stories too.


A very stark and dramaric looking cover this week featuring a close up of Pamela Rabe as The Freak from Wentworth.

Different layout with the photo dominating most of the cover and a big headline “Dead or Alive?” and “Inside the biggest reveal in Australian drama history”.

The other shows featured are in a strip, down the bottom. It has bold colours and lighting and really stands out on the stand. Good to see them trying something new.

ETA: Here it is.


Pretty shitty and disrespectful to fans of Wentworth for TV Week to run a front cover spoiler like that. I suspected Ferguson would re-appear but this all but confirms it. Why would they have such a dramatic cover shot if she wasn’t alive?


The magazine is full of spoilers every week though since it provides upcoming storylines. You’re right though. If it is "the biggest reveal in Australian drama history”, then they just ruined it. What was so good about Bea Smith being killed off was that it was completely kept under wraps until it aired and blindsided everyone. Could have waited a week to run that cover.


I have no idea who these people are but at least it’s not a Home And Away cover… but there is a 10-page Home And Away fan guide :roll_eyes:

The Block

How many times can they have an “ultimate” fan guide for that show? I’m sure they had one just a few months ago?


You could use TV Week to make a fan. Here’s the ultimate guide.