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It’s incredible to look back at old recordings at what once was.

I remember when this was broadcast the forums quickly became very active with speculation that there would be more double header presentations with Mark and Chris. Wish there were!


A Ten Capital news update from 1997, which is hopefully of interest to some people. Still using the theme that was replaced by Ten in 1994! Some other interesting stuff has been uploaded to that channel as well.
Video Credit: ‘kommissartodd06’.


I suppose this leads us to the inevitable question: What year did Ten Capital switch to the 1994 Ten News theme music? 1998? 1999?


It was changed to the 1994 theme by October 1999 according to a recording of Ten Capital News that I have from that date.


It was in 1998.


Got recordings of this? I can’t remember any double headers.

Those page flip transitions are disgusting.


yes it was, between the introduction of colour TV in 1975 until around 1978 when they (and BTV6) changed to the 6 in a TV screen logo. There was a “COLOR” (spelt that way like most Victorian media in those days) underneath it. Their ident at that time was just a slide of a photo of a scene in the viewing area (eg. a farm scene or the tractor at the John Pick Playground in Shepparton) with that logo printed on the top right hand corner of the slide. Although in 1980-81 GMV6 had a sticker competition in conjunction with Coca Cola, the sticker had the above GMV6 logo, a picture of a boat (the main prize) and the Coca Cola logo.


and here is the ad for said competition featuring GMV6’s Tony Kenison

(Youtube clip courtesy of “telerecordings”)


As requested. Seven News Sydney as broadcast on Saturday, 11 August 2012. Presented by Chris Bath and Mark Ferguson.

The archive is quite deep, so many more recordings to come. Happy to take requests, most recordings are July-August 2012.


Like Capital, I preferred the old theme.


Brilliant stuff!
Was never a fan of that presenatation package however, now looks extremely dated.


National Nine News Perth Montage from November 1, 2008:


The graphics on the National Nine News Perth in 2008 looked horrible.


From what I recall, Perth was also slow to take on the then-current branding used by Nine News nationally and on the East Coast. Wasn’t it Early 2009 when Perth changed over even though the network O&O stations “dropped the National” from Nine News on 20/10/2008?

Either way, it’s fair to say that the On-Air Presentation standards at Nine News Perth have come a very long way in the past decade. Those graphics and that virtual set would’ve looked horrible even for 2008 standards, I think.


Totally - me neither! Those “blinds” supers were incredibly annoying and it always irked me how they never had much blue in their presentation as opposed to their previous graphics packages. It always seemed so mediocre.



That Gold Nine Perth PRG brings back memories, was the same PRG from the mid 90s right up to 2002 when it finally got updated to Still The One white PRG that was part of the 2001 package.


Between 1972 and 1976, just prior to the ban on tobacco advertising on TV and radio, all tobacco ads had to be followed by a warning like this - “Medical authorities warn that smoking is a health hazard”.

I’ve heard the audio version of this (this youtube vid has a couple of examples), but can’t seem to find anything which ran on TV. According to the legislation, it seems that the message had to be shown at the end of each commercial on a completely black background in large white text while the audio statement ran. Anyone got anything related to this?


I don’t know how accurate this is, but I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that when 9 Perth went digital initially, they bought the absolute best equipment, but never upgraded it at all until it all got moved over East when WIN bought them out.

The problem was that technology was improving rapidly at that time, and they got caught out with older gear they didn’t have the budget to upgrade.

While it makes sense with what viewer’s saw at the time, take this with a huge pinch of salt.


National Nine News Perth graphics and package is different from Nine Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney as STW9 was previously owned by Sunraysia Television in 1989. In 2003, National Nine News perth was absolutely different with their openers. Dixie Marshall and Sonia Vinci used to work at Nine Perth but they have departed the tv station a long time ago