Triple M Network

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It’s because the majority of listeners want familiarity all day every day and will happily reach for the dial if something obscure comes on. We must remember that us radio nerds are the 0.0001%.


I’m actually not sure we’re that much of a minority. I think a lot of people are just as likely to change stations if a repetitive song comes on that gives them the s#its. I’ve seen my non radio geek friends do it often. Also when annoying ads come on. I’ve got a friend who immediately changes stations when that ad for tiles comes on. I don’t think as many people change when unfamiliar songs come on as do for annoying over flogged songs actually.


Aw come on, give Frank his due!

I think a mix of 80% familiarity and 20% obscurity could be the right one. Double J is an example of a station going too far in the obscure, new direction; I’d listen more if it was 80% classic alternative and 20% new music (even 60/40).


Helllooooooo!!! Frank Walker from National Tiiilllleeeesssss!!!


I’m in a very small minority, but I don’t mind that ad.

Probably because I don’t hear it on the radio in my neck of the woods very often :smile:


I agree 100% on Double J. It’s far too obscure and random I find I can’t listen. It could be such a great station that’s definitely needed but it’s too jarring. Too much overlap with Triple J in how they sound.

The old FM104 had the balance right with mainstream vs album vs alternative. Kept just about everyone happy.


Its even on TV in Melbourne now, hard to escape it


Dead Set Legends Return to Mix 94.5 from March 2nd


make sense a couple of weeks before the afl starts
is this the only show were each member works for different tv network


I can’t stand that ad👎Wish Frank Walker would p**s off


Might be annoying and it does get in your head but have you ever renovated? Used them in my last bathroom reno, got several quotes and they were the best and better product too.

In the end the annoying Frank Walker ads reminded me they existed. Effective advertising if annoying.


why do the metros play the same log how hard is it to mix up noticed it over the last few months


Why does it matter if they play the same log in different cities? It’s not like the demographics of Sydney and Melbourne are that different that they need to vary it much. Once they pick their format (which seems to change every 12 months now, Widest Rock Mix, Rock’s Greatest Hits, etc) and they have the same amount of commercial FM stations in both cities too.

Brisbane and Adelaide I understand, less stations and smaller populations so could be room to mix the log up more depending on what MIX1023 or 973 are doing which are probably their main FM competitor in both those cities.


Although the results of ratings surveys in recent years would suggest that Triple M rates better in Melbourne than it does in Sydney.


yeah it aint an issue the music is great hate home grown show so changed over to brisbane stream and listened to the same hour of music from sydney stream the hour before


Jane Gazzo has left Triple M.


Agree. It’s slack and cost cutting. Extensive research should be conducted for each city with a different universe for each. It worked for Nova when Paul Thompson set it up.


I still don’t think you’d see much difference between Melbourne and Sydney in such research with regards to music.

Programming though is a different story. The cities are light years apart when it comes to that. Hot Breakfast would not work in Sydney and the old Grill Team would never work in Melbourne.



Good saving for the Camerons.

Ronnie should move down or hire Brendon Dangar, they all know the market having spent many years on the coast.