Triple M Network

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The VB tune


The problem is when Triple M add “classic rock” to their FM stations that just means the same lame 30 songs. Makes no sense to me.

The stuff they play on Classic Rock Digital is for the most part quite decent.


Just about stopped listening to 3MMM except for hot breakfast which is about Melbourne’s best breakfast offering. There music playlist has basically stopped playing any new music, expect they have gone through this “classic rock” period before and all “safe songs”. I wish I could get the regionals as there playlist is good. Melb flicks to Sydney from 12:00 each day so no longer local. Let’s hope they do something with Aussie and country which is good. Not sure what the main difference is between classic rock and greatest hits?


Greatest Hits can also include artists like Billy Joel that some may argue isn’t really “rock” and also newer songs.


Greatest hits regional play new hits. greatest hits dab don’t seem to.


I’d take the metro playlist any day over the crap regional pumps out.


Maybe because I live in Melb I’m over it. Same stuff flogged day in day out. I suppose regional is same


They’re both horrible at the moment IMO


And the comedy factor for us media types to hear female skewed songs amongst MMM imaging. What disaster to use it regionally as it is.


I am surprised the regional’s are still running that format by the story’s that I am hearing.


Now that there’s an all Aussie Triple M… can we please reduce the number of crap Aussie songs on the other stations…?

Getting absolutely sick of hearing Goana and Solid Rock on GHD.

‘More classic rock and now less Aussie Crap - MMM GHD’


How dare you? Solid Rock is not a crap song.


Sorry! I feel like I’ve trodden on sacred ground…

At least it’s not Horses I’m having a go at - I’d be deported…


It’s a decent proposal though.

If you’re going to have a whole station of Aussie shite.

Can we please just have one station that’s bogan-free?


Elitist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Personally, I would’ve thought that Australian music should be included in the playlists of all Australian music radio stations.

Maybe play a little less on the Triple M digital stations that aren’t Aussie, but still have some!


There’s no non Aussie stations, save for ethnic broadcasters. No out for MMM there


It’s regulation to have Aussie Songs, whether you like it or not.
But we want less of the same. I don’t know why stations won’t widen their playlists so workers (thoughts who listen to the radio the most) aren’t hearing the same songs 4 times a day.


That’s true for every radio station whatever their playlist. They all have a limited playlist because it seems like they can’t be arsed to have a wide one.


Wonder if it’s cost of laziness?