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Mix 94.5 Perth

triple m sydney sounds great no talk shows in the arvo rubber room on holidays rage against the 90s wish it would stay that way


I know what you mean - I love the summer break when all the talk goes away :slight_smile:


Hmm… I hope MMM are not going to do too much of the ‘high rotation’ that hit music stations can be renowned for…

They’ve just played the new Foo Fighters song “St. Cecelia” for the 2nd time in the last 2 hours (in Sydney)…


yeah normally is that stupid ambassadorsx song


awolnation song gets played 10 times a day it is crap


Mix94.5 breakfast team Clairsy and Kimba back Monday and Laurence Mooney will be joining both from Tuesday and I gather mooney will be in the Melbourne studio has he was for the last 3 months of 2015


Triple M are paying tribute tonight to the passing of the late David Bowie.
They’ve already played quite a few songs of his tonight, and just announced that later tonight, they will play the ‘Ziggy Stardust’ album in full from vinyl!

It’s probably been 30 years since an Australian commercial radio station did that!


According to the station’s Twitter, Triple M in Sydney will be doing a tribute from 9am.


Sydney’s Triple M is terrific in summer. Lots of rock and then more rock. And a great sounding female DJ this morning made it even better!


Sounds like Darren Brerry has left triple m Adelaide and headed back to Melbourne. He was a fill in for the team in rush hour and dsl on Saturday morning.


David Rymer from Hot Tomato is the new CD of 4MMM - no idea at this stage where Corey Kay is going.


as I suspected - Corey Kay off to Gold/Sea Gold Coast to be CD, Andrew Very to be ACD and MD of Gold.

Good appointments.


After that Verdict thing, it’s not like anyone else would give Mark Latham a platform.


The what appears to be a once off airs tomorrow, January 22, from 12-1pm on Triple M in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It’s also online now here.


Mat Thompson is calling some of the nines games on Triple M, wonder if he’ll be on during the main season at all


With the whole business involving G.Lyon and B.Brownless with J.Brayshaw seemingly caught in the middle, the first Melbourne Rush Hour of the year (which I believe is in March sometime) will be interesting.


The Rubber Room has returned to Brisbane’s Triple M and have noticed they’ve started using the slogan ‘Everything Brisbane’


using the LocalWorks local slogan.


Same in Perth on mix 94.5
Mix94.5 breakfast team are about to get a new permanent member to join Clairsy & Kimba from march


Which is kinda it returning to Triple M - given the Everything Melbourne promos for the Hot Breakfast that are probably the origin of that positioner: