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Listening to Modern Digital now Which it could be the Last Weekemd i’ll Listen to it, Remove the 70’s And 80’s Songs Please?


Radio Chaser Platinum Editon returns this week


That’s from mix94.5

Is Luke Bona on air this Monday Public Holiday as I know our Perth shows aren’t on Monday due to the public holiday


Mediaweek reports Eddie McGuire, Luke Darcy and Wil Anderson will head to Atlanta to host Triple M Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast next week (Super Bowl week).


yep and Mick Molloy has been stirring Rosie up (she’s sitting in for Dangerous Dave for a few days and it’s VERY disjointed - no forward selling, no announcing into songs or breaks etc) because she’s not going, prompting texts to him and Kennedy from Eddie McGuire during Monday’s show.


Laura Bouchet appointed Executive Producer of
Triple M Sydney Breakfast

Award winning radio producer, Laura Bouchet has been appointed as Executive Producer (EP) of the brand-new Triple M Sydney breakfast show – Moonman in the Morning .

After 11 and a half years as EP of WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda breakfast show, Laura, who is a two-time Australian Commercial Radio Award (ACRA) winner for Best Show Producer, will EP Triple M Sydney’s breakfast show with Lawrence Mooney, Jess Eva, Gus Worland and Chris Page.

Triple M’s Head of Content, Mike Fitzpatrick is thrilled to have secured one of Australia’s best and most experienced producers for Sydney breakfast.

“Laura has a fantastic radio brain and is well respected in the industry. I can’t think of a better person to help build and drive our new show. It’s quite different from our breakfast show of the last eight years and Laura has exactly what Lawrence, Jess and Gus need to steer them to success.”

Laura will commence in her new role in March.

Moonman in the Morning
Weekdays 6am-9am
104.9 FM Triple M Sydney


Interesting that Chris Page is really being left out when they mention the “stars” of the show. When Triple M announced the show it sounded as if Pagey would have a more prominent role. He is obviously doing a great job driving and paneling the show, but why does Fitzy/JA not reward him by giving more airtime and including him as one of the members of the team


Exactly the same for the Hot Breaksfast in Melbourne. Rossie Walton (anchor) gets no mention. She plays a huge part in the show and a vital part of the chemistry.


its as if the anchor isn"t part of the breakfast show,same with Triple M Brisbane,Brendan Anakin isn’t listed in the show’s lineup ,they never talk to him on air(or very rarely)He’s responsible for the show running smoothly


Luke Darcy and Eddie McGuire going to the Superbowel next week for the Hot Breakfast. They were joking this morning saying that Wil Anderson was unable to get a visa for the US and that’s why he isn’t going. Is there any truth to that?
I thought Wil even had a house in West Hollywood and was a regular there, seems odd he was unable to get a visa.


Well he did have that incident on a plane at Wagga Wagga, but they are probably joking around



There is an article in today’s Herald Sun’s Confidential section on the issue. Wil told the paper he expected to get the US visa early next week. Unless he decided he was not going at all.


Well now I recall them joking about getting US visas earlier in the week with the competition they were running for a listener to come with them. They were concerned about getting a visa for the competition winner.

So I suspect it may be true and Wil indeed wasn’t able to get a visa timely.


They need a working visa to enter too, which could cause a few issues.


Yesterday I decided to go for a drive up to the Central Coast, so a result, I listened to Triple M for most of the morning and afternoon. This was the first time that I had listened to the station for a lengthy period of time since the change in format (i.e introducing more “classic rock”), so it was interesting to hear what the playlist is currently like.

I’ve got to be honest, I miss when Triple M’s playlist was heavily focused on ‘90s alt-rock. Most of the songs that were played on the station yesterday were songs which are quite often on high rotation on other stations, such as “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, "Don’t Stop Belivin’" etc. It was a pretty uninspiring playlist, to say the least.

I know a lot of people complained about the lack of variety when Triple M was bias towards alt-rock, but even despite including more classic rock songs into the playlist, the station is still experiencing the same issue as it did just a couple of years ago. Instead of alternative-rock being the main musical focus, now a generic batch of songs from the '70s-'80s have taken it’s place. It’s pretty disappointing, because Triple M had been my “go to” station for quite a number of years. Now I have to rely on i98fm to get my “music variety fix” (which is quite sad, lol). Rant over. :stuck_out_tongue:


Most commercial radio stations are like that unfortunately.

Not a great deal of music variety, whatever format they run.


11:48 on the last night of Triple M Modern Digital, and we’re treated to The Police - Can’t Stand Losing You.

Goodbye you hot mess of a station.

Modern Digital faded out at 12am with “Tomorrow Wendy” by Andy Prieboy. Ad break, then a sweeper for the new Aussie Digital.

The first track? “Love In Motion” by Icehouse

Digital Radio

Should have been “Great Southern Land”.


I for one am happy that it wasn’t that.
It’s probably my least favourite Icehouse hit.
But I can see why you have suggested it.


Should’ve been the national anthem. :stuck_out_tongue: