Triple M Network

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Ok thanks


Well that’s that then. RIP Triple M Modern, we hardly knew ye


Well, wasn’t that exactly the problem?


Don’t be so rational.

The other issue it had (as discussed here previously) is that by the end, it never served a purpose. Other than the handful of talent development shows - one of which, Luke and Lewis, moved to Fox FM - and re-runs of Radio Chaser, it was just a glorified playlist. Now, that’s fine, except the format was diluted down to include too many 80s and 90s tracks that skew too far into the ‘obscure’ territory.

A Triple M Alternative could have rated higher with a more-clearly targeted playlist, throw some marketing and a bit more content into the mix and you could’ve had a much stronger product.


I don’t wan’t Modern Digital to go, Why is Greatest Hits still here?


Has there been any id sweeps yet on modern digital about triple m aussie digital?


it would be a cool idea if SCA dug through the archives and programmed and put to air the classic triple m id sweeps from the 80s and 90s to accompany the new DAB+ station


Yeah, it just seemed to be mostly the kind of new tracks they’d play on the main Triple M - nothing adventurous. The problem is that’s just an increasingly narrow section of the market - and they only seemed willing to broaden it towards stuff that would be safe enough to play on Hit.

Considering Triple M Country showed they were fine with playing stuff they’d never play on the main Triple M station, it’s a huge shame they didn’t push it towards a genre.

I tuned in right now - playing Do You Wanna Dance, Ramones - from 1977…


They just ran a “Melbourne’s New Alternative, Triple M Modern Digital” sweeper - so I wouldn’t expect anything until it just switches on Australia Day.


Triple M’s Adelaide breakfast team Roo & Ditts return this Monday Jan 21, after a long holiday break, they haven’t been on air since November 30 last year.


What’s gonna happen to Modern Digital now???


It will be replaced by Triple M Aussie sometime on January 26


I just heard comfortably numb by Pink Floyd on triple m. Modern digital , so happy its the 70s again but I am not sure this post would work giving the internet is not invented yet.


The fact that 80’s popped up on MD a fair bit, let alone Pink Floyd, to me just shows that the M’s are losing their way majorly, and it never had any chance of success.
I can easily think of more than half a dozen solid modern rock stations globally, that have a decent listener base, a decent range of artists, and can easily be adapted to an Australian market, put the M’s spin on it, actually make it a solid format.

This new Aussie Digital, calling it now, I give it until survey 4, maybe survey 5 and it’ll be essentially the same 150-ish semi-stale and very safe songs on loop. I’m happy to be proved wrong, but I’m not confident.


Oh I think you’re being generous. It’ll be 150 stale songs on rotation from day 1.


I think they lost interest in Modern Digital months ago. It is now very similar to Triple M’s main station which is probably reason to kill it off and launch a new format. It probably helped that Pacific Star killed of AUSSIE digital too.


Modern Digital had potential - just copy Radio X in the UK and be done with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Slack, not good enough, especially with the flea powered SEN scooping up some of their sport listeners.


Rumours Luke Bonas show now cut back by 30 minutes any idea why???

And Mix 94.5 Please for GOODNESS Sake broadcast it Live!!!

Still nothing on Radio Chaser, hope Sporting Probe never returns


not a rumour. Fact.

I believe most stations go local either at 5 or 5.30 these days anyway, so no biggie. Gosford and a few others have always dropped out at 5, Newcastle etc 5.30