Triple M Network

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Triple ms metro market stations havent checked the hit networks metro music log stations yet


I actually don’t mind “Rock’s Greatest Hits” as a positioner.


Regionals used the “Greatest Hits” positioner before their currently unpopular (on here at least!) “Feels Good” format.


The metro Hit Network stations are all over the place. Brisbane and Perth are using the “Hits & Old School” positioner and Fox in Melbourne is back to using “Melbourne’s #1 Hit Music Station”.

Adelaide and Sydney are on the AC “More Music, More Variety” format


Yeah i know, just that I thought they might have gone back to Greatest Hits after the unpopular feedback… Plus that Regional log was still made up of too much pop. This is Rock’s Greatest Hits, bit better IMO, sounds better but just doesn’t say Triple M to me. I think this log should be used for regionals rather than metros.


Perth doesn’t use old school!!!
Mix users more variety


Was talking about the Hit Network


Yeah its a good music log positioner they have programmed some decent songs on this music log at first i thought this was the work of the new MD of the sydney and melbourne market triple m stations then i remembered that SCA made some off air staffing changes while they were streamlining there stragic music log strategy.


I agree. I was going throw their music log to today on Online Radio Box and a awesome mix of song there. I really like it :sunglasses: They even played, The Beetles - Let It Be and Sniff n the tears - Drivers Seat.

How good would it be if some of the regional Triple M station adopted this format. This is one format that would work very well. :grinning:


Is this the first time ever that two completely different format stations are using rather similar positioners?

“Rocks Greatest Hits” up against a “Greatest Hits Workday/Weekend” on Nova.

Surely there is more out there for a station positioner.

At the end of the day, if anyone asked what does Triple M play? You’d simply say rock.


Yeah i agree 100% its interesting though that they havent put the regoinals on this music log SCA tried programming a simliar type of music log to this one but in the Adelaide market but the mistake they made imo in 2014 was that they had deleted all of the new modern rock skewing songs from the music log and the survey book ratings numbers that followed were horrendous but this time it seems that the MD kept a couple of hard rock skewering ones in this new music log format so i think that was a good idea imo and i think that may do a 8% audience share next year so yes i think it may do well in the survey book ratings next year.


You might in the cities, you wouldn’t in the regional areas…


I bet Sydney & Adelaide don’t use the “More Music, More Variety” format when taking networked shows.


It probably isn’t broad enough for regionals, some of whom only have 2 commercial radio stations.


Yes and no. Haven’t checked nights, but I’ve noticed some more AC-friendly tracks being played during Carrie & Tommy and Hughesy & Kate, which is a compromise of sorts I suppose


The Chaser today began their two-week stint hosting Triple M breakfast in Sydney with The Checkout’s Zoe Norton Lodge. While in Melbourne, Richard Stubbs is hosting summer breakfast for the second time this year, this time with Rosie Walton.


I am still hearing rumors that some of the bigger regional areas with 3 plus commercial radio stations might be taking this music format.


I hope so :grinning:


So far This is what’s happening on Mix 94.5 during summer which is subject to change especially with the Nightshift wrapping up in a week and 4 days

12am - 5am Nightshift With Luke Bona delayed but finishes 21st
5am to 6am No Host
6:00am - 10:00am Blake Williams (Hosts The Scene on Thursday Nights)
10:00am - 2:00pm Tim Lordan
2:00pm - 6:00pm Ross Edwards
6:00pm -12:00am Partymix


I’m really missing the cricket from the MMMs this summer… even some regular score updates would be good…

Sport, not rock, is the soul of the station.