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Good for Max, he’ll do well up there.


Lawrence Mooney leaving Triple M Brisbane already, with comedian Nick Cody replacing him.


Today we farewell lisa Shaw 2 decades at mix 94.5


coming to Sydney for the new breakfast show.


please tell us more :shushing_face::shushing_face:


Surprised the Moon Man is leaving so soon after the show went to number 1.


Any news on The Grill Team


Triple M Sydney are now Rocks greatest hits? I heard a promo without the pop in a patronising way. Making fun of pop music almost. The memo did not make it to the greatest hits triple m channel unfortunately they play pop. When will the other triple m stations learn rock rules? :blush: . The dab channel greatest hits channel is now playing pink.


Triple M Brisbane has “Rock’s Greatest Hits” displaying on their DAB message.


FFS what is wrong with Triple M Rocks?

“Rocks” can mean a variety of things. Not just that you have to play rock music.


well K-Rock in Geelong still uses that name but plays more top 40 pop music than rock (but plays the occasional rock track such as Green Day)


Any ideas what’s happening with 5MMM? The East Coast stations were using the “Widest Rock Mix” positioner up until this month, not sure what Adelaide is up to


No surprise, Guy’s “plug and play” comedic bfast talent is not about longevity.

Who 4MMM needs on their bfast bill is Luke Bradnam. Introduced to the audience via drive for the last two years, he’s the perfect compliment to Marto and Robin plus provides continuity when Marto decides he’s had enough with the early starts.


Mooney was a good fit, especially after losing a talent like Ed Kavalee, but it wasn’t going to ever last long-term was it. Wasn’t Mooney still based in Melbourne for the most part over this year?

Bradnam is a logical fit to replace Marto when he eventually gives up the game, but not sure just yet. I will be interested to see how the new guy goes, he seems to fill a similar role to Mooney, which given recent ratings success seems a sensible decision, time will tell though


he’s moving to GOLD afternoons on the Gold Coast.


Yes, aware of this for a long time now.

Hence why he should be on MMM, waste of talent.


That was a shock for The Jam finishing, i wonder If this means Some of the stuff on Sunday nights on mix etc can be shifted to Saturdays to allow Luke Bonas Nightshift to broadcast live next year into Perth.

Nightshift goes on Break December 21st for 3 weeks returning January 14th
Big Breakfast, Rush Hour return January 7
Kennedy Molloy return 21st January according to Mix when they messaged me the other day

I listened to Lisa Shaws last broadcast felt emotional


I noticed triple m has reprogramed there music log format there music log positioner is now rocks greatest hits is this SCAs effort to streamline there music log strategy for both the hit network and the triple m networks.


for what stations? And metro or regional?


Just the metro market stations i think.