Triple M Network

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Not for me it isn’t.

Triple M has always been M for music to me.

I know a lot of people will turn to streaming and their phones for music, but I think a well presented music program with relevant music history info interspersed with local news, traffic and weather info is hard to beat.


Have noticed a big improvement in Triple M Sydney these last few days. A lot of songs you wouldn’t have heard in ages. But I’ll always put it up against how good and wide there playlist was back in the late 90s.


Triple M Brisbane played this last week… Thursday I think…

Around 1030am…

It was introduced as an ‘FM104 classic’…

I never remember it being a hit in Aotearoa… but the chorus is somewhat familiar… maybe it was still played on FM104 when I arrived in 1988…

It certainly does have that FM104 sound…


I too miss their coverage. However, it couldn’t continue this year without essentially having to start all over again considering most of their commentary team are working for Fox or Seven


Hot tip: the regional market stations might be put on this music log format in 2019 SCA may be testing the waters with this new reprogrammed music log format in the metro markets before they go regional with it.


Not for me


Yes they played it quite a bit


I have always listened to Triple M over Gold because they have always offered “new” music as well. Rocks greatest hits, does this mean they no longer play any new stuff?


Wow, they’re currently playing Joan Armatrading - Drop The Pilot on 3MMM.


Likewise on 2MMM in Sydney.


Love that song!

Good to hear that they are broadening the variety.


I think it’s mainly Rock’s actual Greatest Hits (nothing newer than 2005ish) during the day, but they do play new Australian music during Tom and Olly at night like Morgan Evans, Dean Lewis, Amy Shark… etc


They should treat it like the bands that include new songs on their ‘Greatest Hits’ compilations, and still throw some newer stuff in.


Are we sure this new format isn’t just another “Classic Rock Summer”?


If that’s the case - I expect to hear FD everyday…


It seems like the day programming is being networked into Triple M Adelaide as we had Becko this morning and Digby Gillings as well. No Sean Craig Murphy or local announcers at the moment.


When was Digby on? He’s Melbourne based. In Melbourne I thought we had Becko and Ugly Phil today. Both from Sydney.


I think Digby is doing drive at the moment.


According to website Melb, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide. local breakfast, 9:00 to 12:00 Becko (Sydney), 12:00 to 16:00 Phil O’Neil (Sydney), 16:00 to 19:00 Digby Gillings (Melb)


On 3MMM we just got Ugly Phil saying “104.9 Sydney’s Triple M…” then it was cutoff abruptly and dead air for about 10 seconds.
Then a generic Melbourne ident and straight into REM’s “It’s The End of the World as We Know it”. Few gremlins in the system trying to keep it sounding local.