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Can’t see Merrick AND Rosso back together on MMM breakfast. Maybe Merrick if you had the right combo back together. Maybe reunite the Highway Patrol?


M&R probably didn’t want to work together when they both had separate radio gigs.

Now they’re both out of radio work, it might make sense.


They didn’t want to work together and then they had separate radio jobs.


Money speaks when you’re out of work


Yep. Certainly does.



For shift workers like me there’s nothing like talkback to give me the irrits. Often change the channel to community radio who at least play music.


Now that daylight saving has started down south,here in Brisbane we have Ugly Phil from 11am,even less local content now😕


Would have thought they would have delayed Ugly Phil by 1 hour in QLD during DST.


Has anyone heard that failed Labor politician Sam Dastyari who’s been filling in for Luke Bona this week?

The facebook comments have been excoriating and many have been deleted.

Even staff at MMM have been fuming I’ve been told


What does that mean?



Thanks. I knew the first definition but have never heard it used in the second way.


Yeah what’s up with that? How did Shanghai Sam get a gig?


Apparently Kyle Sandilands set him the gig, well he’s claiming it anyway.

Also something in mentioned here but Triple M went #1 in Brisbane.


Scott Menz has been promoted to his new role as Music Director for 4MMM.


content/music director at Central Coast’s Star 104.3

Copywriting isn’t that hard, guys.


It’s very tough for those dills at Radio Yesterday.


Mix 94.5 Saturday morning show "The Jam " has done it’s last show
I wonder if we will see more network shows on mix in 2019!!!
P.s nice Xmas hat😀


What was the content of the show?