Triple M Network

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If Latham is on Triple M then what’s next? Hanson? Maybe a clairvoyant can call Adolf?

Triple M is going beyond bogan. As AustralianAriel said it’s moving towards fascism.

Triple M triples your White Australia Policy.

It looks like Triple M is taking on 2GB. The M’s are Sydney’s No.1 rock station with the over 80s


Although I personally don’t think becoming something like “a FM version of 2GB” would be the right strategy for Triple M to adopt, one wonders if they’re trying to appeal to the younger end of the talkback audience with an aim to dominate that market once the current kings of AM radio retire?

Because lets face facts here: People under 50 regardless of their political leanings would probably be more likely to listen to FM rather than AM…if they’re listening to terrestrial radio at all, of course.


The highest rating station in most markets is talk, and if they could do talk that successfully targeted a younger audience than the AM powerhouses do at the moment, it would be profitable for them. They’ve already got the sports rights that are a backbone of AM talk stations, and it would just be relatively simple expansions in their content.

I don’t think they could network it effectively, other than late nights, so it would likely be very much against the current flow of Triple M’s content, but they could do it.

To a point, while I personally wouldn’t want to see it happen, I’d rather they just picked an identity and went for it. I’d rather they commit to being a talk station so I could just remove them from my presets, than to keep flicking it on occasionally and hoping there’s a music shift, and even then hoping that the current music format is worth listening to.


Latham on Triple M. I finally worked out that the M stands for misogyny.


Why does everyone think talkback radio is what everyone wants? I don’t know anyone who likes or listens to talkback.


I don’t know anyone who likes or supports the Newcastle Knights.

Why does the NRL think the Newcastle Knights is what everyone wants?

While I’m at it, KOFM should stop covering their games.


They probably will if we get another wooden spoon :joy::joy:


KOFM will never broadcast another Knights game.


Because it’s a Newcastle station, perhaps? It’s an inherit part of the local landscape? Maybe they see value in covering their games? To me, and yes, I am a Knights fan, so your earlier statement is now false, it meets perfectly with both their local focus (even if the new name sucks) and the music/comedy (if you could call it that)/sport focus of the network in general.

Seriously, I don’t listen to KO/MMM/whatever they call themselves this week whenever I’m up there, just do what I do and get Spotify or another streaming service for music, flick over to ABC 1233 for the news. Done. I don’t even listen to their Knights games, I stick to 1233.

Where’s the dislike button, mods?


I was being sarcastic towards @NRN11. Nothing personal towards the Newcastle Knights.

My point being that just because @NRN11 doesn’t know anyone who likes or listens to talkback, the fact is the metro ratings show that the top station in both Melbourne and Sydney are talkback.


I understand most of you blokes are traditionalist, FM for music AM for talk. But most of this talkback happens when 90% of the listener population isn’t even listening to radio. For shift workers such as myself it’s a blessing having something interesting to listen to at night to keep you motivated.

For people under 50 the AM options are terrible, boring, bland or zero personality.

I chat to the people in my workplace and nearly all of them listen to Luke Bona on night shift. This was the same at my previous place of work too.


I’m sure if Triple M brought back Spoonman at nights there wouldn’t be as many angry comments about too much talk on the M’s.

I liked the days of Ugly Phil (and Garfield) in evenings followed by Spoony.


It’s all good @ElCapitanCranky - paid memeber of the Knights here and have been since 1992 :grin: too 8 for us this year for sure!

On another note to keep this on topic, at least KO/MMM in Newcastle make a bit of effort with the Knights. And don’t take the silly talk they have before and after games :+1:


I like the “silly talk” ahaha.

Doesn’t have to be both days but on Sunday leading into the game of the day I think it’s a good thing. Makes working on weekends so much better.


Triple M Newcastle taking Knights games is essential just like K-Rock here in Geelong taking Cats games, it makes the station feel local


Yep. Because you can’t do it by copying a metro station’s branding.

Thank god for the ABC and Sportsears.


Random rumour that Triple M Sydney are considering Merrick and Rosso for 2019 breakfast - well 7 are running a poll about it anyway. Take of that what you will.


I thought they didn’t want to work together again.


If we are bring back old programs, why not go for Doug Mulray or Andrew Denton


Rob Duckworth for mornings. Who was the other long term morning/afternoon presenter from those days whose name escapes me?

A shame we can’t have Club Veg at nights though. :cry: