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I think this was inevitable. There wouldn’t be any other suitable timeslot.


I’m surprised that he’s not teaming up with MG for the rush hour


Probably not worth it for SCA to keep him for 6-7pm on the pay packet he is on or would expect to remain there.


The only reason to keep him would have been to do NRL calls, but he’d have only been able to do Saturday Afternoons with his Fox commitments.

Now that the AFL draw is released, here are the potential clashes for MMM Sydney and Brisbane for both NRL and AFL calls.

No clashes NRL R1, week before the AFL Season.
No clashes NRL R2/AFL R1, both Swans/Lions play Saturday Night
No clashes NRL R3/AFL R2, Swans play after the early FNF game that MMM cover, Lions play early Sunday, before the Sunday afternoon game
NRL R4/AFL R3: Swans game vs Carlton will clash with first half of Manly vs Canberra, Lions play Saturday Night
NRL R5/AFL R4: Swans game vs Melbourne clashes with Broncos vs Tigers Thursday Night game (AFL may go digital), Lions game vs Essendon clashes with Souths vs Warriors Sat Afternoon game
NRL R6/AFL R5: Lions game vs Collingwood clashes with Cronulla vs Penrith Thursday Night game, Swans play Saturday Night so no clash
NRL R7/AFL R6: No Clashes. No Saturday Afternoon NRL game to clash with Lions vs Suns and Swans play Saturday Night.
NRL R8/AFL R7: Potential 2nd half clash with Swans and Lions playing each other, starting after Canberra vs Penrith on Sat Afternoon
NRL R9/AFL R8: Depending on what games they broadcast on NRL Magic Weekend, Sydney shouldn’t be a clash as Swans FNF game is after Tigers vs Panthers, Lions game in Ballarat vs Dogs may clash with 1st half of Canterbury vs Newcastle
NRL R10/AFL R9: Lions vs Adelaide clashes with Titans vs Canterbury, Swans play Sat Night
NRL 11/AFL 10: Swans no clash (Sat Night), Lions clash in Perth vs Fremantle may be joined in progress with late start time (5:20 EST) clashing with 2nd half of Dragons vs Cronulla.
N12/A11: No clashes, no Saturday afternoon game with the Bye rounds in NRL and Lions play Sat Night
N13/A12: Lions vs Carlton (Sat) clashes with Warriors vs Titans, Swans vs Eagles (Sun) clashes with Penrith vs Roosters
N14/A13-14: No clashes, both Swans and Lions have a Bye in R13 and its a standalone Origin weekend in R14
N15/A15: Lions game on Sunday vs Melbourne clashes with Canterbury vs Cronulla, Swans game on Saturday vs Suns clashes with 2nd half of Titans vs Manly
R16: No clash for Swans with no Saturday afternoon NRL game, Lions game on Sunday Twilight vs GWS clashes with Cronulla vs Brisbane and will be on digital until after half time.
R17: Swans game vs Carlton clashes with 1st half of Souths vs Manly, Brisbane’s twilight game vs Port Adelaide clashes with BOTH Tigers vs Parramatta and Canberra vs Dragons which is on Sunday Night as opposed to Thursday Night, a game that MMM covers.
R18: No clash, both Lions and Swans play Saturday Night
R19: Lions game vs Hawthorn clashes with Parramatta vs Warriors, although the AFL may get priority as the Titans vs Broncos game is the 5:30 NRL game and will be on MMM Brisbane, Swans game on Sunday vs Geelong clashes with Penrith vs Canberra.
R20: GWS vs Sydney clashes with Manly vs Newcastle on the Saturday Afternoon, Lions vs Dogs Sunday Twilight game clashes with Dragons vs Parramatta
R21: Both games involving Swans (who play Port) and Lions (who play Suns) will clash at different stages of the Dragons vs Titans Saturday Afternoon game
R22: Swans play Friday Night so no clash, Lions Saturday afternoon game clashes with Newcastle vs Cowboys
R23: TBD
No clashes NRL R24 as there’s no AFL games that weekend, any clashes for R25 will be determined if either or both Swans/Lions play finals.


It’s pretty easy to realise when to move on when you get the tap on the shoulder from management.


Changes coming to Mix 94.5

After over 20 years at Mix, Lisa Shaw is leaving the station at the end of the year. Prior to drive, she partnered with Fred Botica for the top rating breakfast show Botica’s Bunch, later titled The Bunch.

Pete Currulli will continue solo on the Rush Hour while also starting a few hours earlier at 1.

Ross Edwards moves from afternoons to mornings, replacing Tim Lordan who will come off air to take an operations/music role.


Deleted *


Will Pete do 1-4 or 1-5 in 2019


What happens to the Big Breakfast?

Pity Lisa is leaving

Hopefully Mix will put Luke Bonas Nightshift Live on Mix


Still though, she’s been a real trooper at Mix. Good on her for calling it a day.


Lisa was on the rush hour!!!


I know she was on the rush hour!!

What I’m asking is that will there be any changes To The Big Breakfast?


Why do you ask
I think CMK work really well together I wouldn’t think any chances are needed


I enjoy CMK for breakfast thats why, do we know if Pete will do 1 to 5 or 1 to 4?


Latham should feel right at home on Triple M.


Triple M Rocks Fascism


I remember when Triple M had music. RIP Triple M.


“At Triple M, you’ll never know what we’ll air next. It could be rock, sport, talk or comedy.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The last time Latham was at triple m he lasted what, about one shift?


On Triple M in Sydney you know what you probably won’t play next - and that’s a rock song. It’s the weekend and we are talking about a cricket match that was played a month ago. And we can talk about it for an hour.

On Triple M regional you’ll never know what we will play next- it could be AC/DC or Ray Hadley taking an open line call from Shirley in Rooty Hill

Triple M Australia and you know what you won’t hear next - consistency.