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Yeah you’re probably right. Morayfield too.
There are some quite ok parts of Logan.


I only heard bits of Richard Stubbs on 3MMM breakfast this week.

He sounded like he fitted straight back in and although he probably has never worked with Mark Howard before they seemed to have some real natural banter and chemistry. Rosie and Stubbsy sounded like they were old friends, guessing they’ve probably worked together many years ago or at least crossed paths in the old Austereo corridors??


He was an absoulate natural. Loved listening all week and even found my self tuning in to plays of the day after 18:00. It was interesting listening to comedy that wasn’t always aimed around sport. Would love to hear him on a permanent gig. I remember the days Stubbsy used to host the Classic 9@9 and do 9 to 12 before he moved to breakfast


Triple M Sydney are currently playing the “Top 100 Australian Rock Albums Of All Time” as part of Oztober. They are currently up to #56, I haven’t seen any list on their website yet, i’d be interested to see one.


Is there a journalist at Mix by the name of Clare/Claire? If so, what is her surname?


Claire Bauskis


Thanks @Richo.

Mix 94.5 have done well taking over the ‘network news’ supplied to regional WA stations that 6PR once did.

Very interesting that they’ve moved into that space.

West Coast Radio take the bulletins, Phil & Simon’s duo in Carnarvon have been taking Mix bulletins well before this began.


Is a gronk worse than a bogan?


Mix 94.5 music Director Russell Clarke has left the station and.hasn’t been replaced
All music direction is coming from TripleM in SA
Interesting times at Perth’s mix 94.5


Matthew Johns has asked Triple M to move him from the Grill Team breakfast show to another job on the station as he is over getting up at 4:00am.

Story in The Daily Telegraph:


Where did Russ go and why? @WATV


So youre saying the music that gets played on Mix 94.5 in the future will be decided from Triple M Adelaide??


Perth have a asstant music Director in morning Announcer Tim Lorden will work with Music Director SA who will over see both


So is the music on Mix 94.5 the same as Triple M Adelaide now?


The music at mix i haven’t notice any changes to the music format


Essential Vinyl on Triple M Classic Rock today was Queen’s 1973 self-titled debut album, to coincide with the Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” coming to cinemas this week.


I’m tipping a Hadley-esque show that could go out to the regionals, replacing Raaaaaaaaaaaay. I can’t see him doing weekends with his Fox commitments. That, or he leaves the MMMs completely if Poxtel offers him a stonking deal.


I can’t see a “Mornings With Matty Johns”’ type show working in metro or regional areas.

The only reason why they have Hadley on regionals is that they don’t have a suitable replacement in their stable.

But if someone like Luke Bona gets a good profile in his overnight shift, they could be looking at moving him to a morning shift down the track.


I could. But only because this is the same mob who thinks replacing respected heritage brands on AM with a FM brand was a “great” idea.

I reckon if they could replace Hadley with someone cheaper or inhouse they would. They’ve tried it with Charles Wooley before.


I don’t think they have anything for him. Do they do a Rush Hour style show in Sydney like Melbourne (2-4pm)?

Ok just realised they do with MG at 6pm, switch Matty to co-host that?