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That Radio Today article is breathtaking for a few reasons.

They quote Craig Bruce with an air of relevance, distorting his position as a now ex radio company employee who now mentors and manage. Other side of the fence completely.

To read of SCA giving him a golden farewell is another slap in the face to many long term staff, many who’ve worked longer and been key contributors. Many are made to feel unwelcome by management and to those in the outside world, subjected to surprising treatment (no surprise to me, it’s happened too frequently).

Credit to Sam for knowing when it’s time to move on, plenty in programming and management who lack his confidence of moving on and instead wallow in the ‘club’ they’ve created.


Arguably metro MMM has bogans as their target market because bogans make up a much higher percentage of the population here than what they do overseas… (argubaly only about 10% of New Zealanders are bogans - compared to at least 30% over here).


Really now. Source? Most would say it was arguably the other way around.


Goodness no.


Particularly those who live in the outer suburban areas of Australia’s three biggest metro markets.

Although I wouldn’t characterise all Triple M listeners as bogans, judging by a lot of the content which airs on the Sydney station I do get the impression you’d probably be more likely to hear 104.9FM blasting from radios in Penrith, Mt Druitt and Rooty Hill rather than Mosman, Potts Point and Point Piper! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wasn’t aware that New Zealand even had any form of “bogan” culture.


Outrageous Fortune and Westside are full of bogans!


You obviously live in Ponsonby…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


From wikipedia:
“Westie” predates bogan , originating in Sydney in the 1970s to refer to people from that city’s western suburbs. … “Westie” is now in wide use in many cities and towns across both Australia and New Zealand , where it especially refers to the denizens of West Auckland.


Lol. Used to. Until relatively recently!

If you can highlight the bit where it says New Zealand I can highlight the bit where it says Australia! :crazy_face:


Just trying to point out that NZ bogans prefer to be called westies but they’re still bogans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d venture to suggest that Australian bogans aren’t too thrilled about it either, I’m sure they’d prefer to be called something else. But you’re right they’re still bogans.

As for NZ, apart from west Auckland, there’s a big chunk of south Auckland plus most of Upper and Lower Hutt.

(This post contains broad generalisations which may offend bogans and westies)


What about Bris/Adel/Perth… As their western suburbs are generally more affluent than others…

Are they called “easties” or “southies” etc?


That’s why the term “bogan” which originated in Melbourne has become the preferred option universally. Also, westies in Sydney moved to other areas and became cashed up bogans.


True, that’s why they call parts of the Central Coast, Mount Druitt by the sea… not to mention some of Sydney’s northern beaches.


Yes indeed… when I first arrived in Brisbane… bogans were called ‘bevans’…

Though we did hear the term bogan on shows like the Comedy Company.

Getting back to the earlier point though… interesting to see how high-brow other countries are compared to us…

For example, Radio 4 in the UK is the 2nd most listened to station nationally (behind Radio 2)… ABC RN rates dismally in Australia (because there’s so many bogans), meantime RNZN has the highest cume nationally in New Zealand (a station with much more in common with Radio 4 and ABC RN than ABC local radio).

So not only fewer bogans, but a greater percentage of listeners who want quality/intelligent programming.

Returning to the topic of MMM metro… their mix of bogan music/bogan talk/bogan comedy/ bogan-talk sport seems perfect.


Radio 4 UK is not that similar to RN though? RN is more like an even drier NPR.

I like Fran Kelly and PK but that’s about it. The schedule is too confusing and too niche shows.


In Brisbane the inner west is affluent but the outer west and south west isn’t (eg Ipswich). Logan City between Brisbane and Gold Coast is the bogan epicenter though, along with the outer north - North Lakes and Caboolture.


Back in the 1960s and 1970s the Central Coast was a popular holiday destination for Westies. Of course no Triple M then :smiley:, just 2GO.


I think comparing RN to Radio 4 UK or RNZ without including the crossover with ABC Local is very misleading. You have to add a chunk of ABC Local to the RN figures for a fair comparison.

Also comparing demographics between Australia and NZ is a bit silly. They’re broadly similar but Australia still has an overall higher standard of living and much higher average incomes and wealth (both median and mean wealth per adult) So our bogans are richer lol


Cabo is so much more bogan per capita than Logan. Logan has some culture, Cabo is like a Mad Max scenario.