Triple M Network

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It’s Caesarstone splashbacks too these days. Keep up. :wink:


They love glass splashbacks on House Rules. LLB drools when he sees one.


LOL. When I think of 2GB listener I think of MUCH worse than “hip replacement” :slight_smile:

I think for me I just can’t accept Australia doesn’t have a proper, broad based rock music station that is entirely MUSIC focused. Other countries have them - NZ, US, Canada.

Yet here Triple M can’t be satisfied with being a proper rock station that’s music focused. They have to also try to be a talk station and a sports station as well. It just doesn’t work.

While some may be offended by the “b” word I’m certainly not one of them. I agree with you. In my opinion Triple M aims lower demographically that actual rock stations overseas like Absolute Radio or The Sound (NZ). Those stations seem to understand that a broad spectrum of people like rock music and many of their listeners drive Audi’s and not utes (not that there’s anything wrong with utes)


ah crap, I’m so sorry… it’s not you.

My apologies Brian!


No worries at all. All good.


Oh his name is “Brian”! @Brianc68. I’ve been reading it as “Bianca” all this time. My dyslexia kicking in.


LOL nice!


I also misread your name and thought you were a female poster “Briana”


I thought it was Britney :smile:


Oh behave! You too @TVHead

You all need your prescriptions checked :slight_smile:


To Brian68 - OK - I also have to add that for ages I thought your name was Brianca until you mentioned in a post that you were male. I looked again and saw that what I thought was an “a” was a six!


In this age of gender fluidity and alternative sexualities and facts who’s to say whether Brian is male or female… not even him or her or …

What is certain is that I’m off topic :sunglasses:

I’ll consider myself reprimanded.


I’m having an identity crisis. Apart from Triple J, I regularly listen to all of those radio stations throughout the course of a week. I’m not sure which of your descriptions best applies to me and which tribe I belong to.


I listen to ABC Radio/RN/Nova/Kiis/Fox/MMM depending on what’s going on, so me too.


No identity crisis from me.

I know I’m all mixed up, always have been and probably always will be :smile:

I listen to WS, MMM, 2GO, Star, ABC Local, a bit of Smooth, only a little bit of 2DAY, KIIS, NOVA and some community radio as well.


I haven’t listened to Triple M in years. This was the real Triple M:


I’m a 50 plus female who listens to Triple M -not by choice exactly but I would rather listen to any type of rock hits ,classic or newer than teen pop or ‘rap crap’ ,Hit 105 or Nova.At work I would much rather listen to my own choice of music from my iPhone and Bluetooth speaker but. I’m not allowed to at work :confused:


The famous Richard Stubbs hosting breakfast in Melbourne tomorrow why hot breakfast is on a 2 week break. Will be an interesting listen


Hearing rumours Sam Cav has quit to go into a new venture - advertising.


now confirmed -