Triple M Network

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I predict KIIS will be Kyle’s final stomping ground.

If anything, ARN will again relaunch a format to suit his ageing demo & ageing target audience.

I can’t see Kyle washing up on AM talkback radio, and not on Triple M playing ‘rock’.


But why, he main audience now is middle-aged females… almost the complete opposite to Triple M’s.


a couple of things - firstly, a new challenge. Second, a national audience outside of working breakfast hours. Third, he’s always wanted to do talkback. Fourth - the Ms aren’t 2DayFM (even though same management).

I’m not saying it will happen, I’m just saying that nothing would surprise me.


I think it would cost SCA too much money to get Kyle back, and I just can’t see Kyle getting much of audience in metro areas against the likes of Ray Hadley or Neil Mitchell, their listeners wouldn’t consider Kyle as a credible alternative.

And I think SCA would want Kyle on 2DAY as that’s where the potential revenue lies, as those listeners have stayed with 2DAY for the rest of the workday after breakfast in the past, a flow on effect that is unlikely to be achieved by putting Kyle on Triple M.


I’m not questioning why Kyle would accept - he’ll do whatever he gets paid the most for.

What I’m questioning is why Triple M would want him. He’s not a good fit for their format, and a change of format to make him fit would require too many changes elsewhere in the lineup.


I honestly think there’d be more of a chance of seeing Kyle Sandilands & Jackie O move to WSFM (when Jonesy & Amanda call it a day) than back into the SCA family.


They do that, they’ve lost me. Keep Vile & Tacky Ho off WSFM please.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I definitely wouldn’t want to hear Kyle & Jackie O on WSFM either!

But at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me if at some point in the future, ARN actually moved them there in a bid to shift KIIS 1065 towards a younger audience.


A live stream and/or vodcast-podcast free of ACMA restrictions may be Kyle Sandilands ultimate destination when he eventually moves on from ARN, I think. He has said he won’t work for SCA, and would Nova want him?


The Triple M whisper becomes the Triple M angry tirade


What’s “a younger audience”? I haven’t gone through the recent metro ratings with a fine toothed comb but I’d suggest that less people 10-17 are listening to the radio than ever before.

KIIS more likely to grow old with their current audience until they sound the same as WSFM/Gold! Wasted effort chasing the 10-17 demographic surely.


18-24s, most likely


What’s the actual news going on at MMM that we’re missing whilst discussing this hypothetical? Lots happening and very little discussion. It’s movement season for radio and MMM is right in the thick of it.


I have already removed Triple M off my preset list, simply as i don’t like there talk shows. i do however, like there digital stations and Greatest or Classic is part of our daily listening at work


one of the major problems with triple M is an identity crisis. it is all over the shop as a station. Are they a talk station? a sports station? a sports talk station? a music station? they do 20 things but the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind.

I should be listening to Triple M - i’m a male in my late 30’s so i’m in there demographic. but i don’t know what i’m going to hear when i turn it on - and not in the good “a monkey is our MD” way the advertisments for a station depicted a few years ago


I’m exactly the same, and for the same reason.
I listen to Greatest Hits and Classic Rock all the time, but haven’t listened to Triple M on FM for months and months - not once - never even sample it. They could be playing evangelical music and talk for all I know.


That’s why I don’t listen - I want to know what I’m going to get when I turn on a station. I don’t want talk or sport so I never bother. Straight to DAB.


but you continually deride anyone who listens to it and label them “bogans” etc?


I think you’ll find I don’t deride anyone.

I find some of the music and talk bogan but I think you’re confusing me with someone else.

The fact I haven’t listened to it in months is irrelevant - it hasn’t changed lately has it? Still full of talk and sport and over flogged songs?

The point I was making was to contrast the FM stations with Greatest Hits and Classic Rock Digital. Both of which I find excellent and listen to daily, yet I can’t stand the FM stations.


I am the one guilty of calling Triple M listeners bogan. When I think or listen to Triple M the word bogan comes to mind. I am not sure that “bogan” is an insult though.

Mind you, when I think of the typical 2GB listener I think of “hip replacement”
When I think of the typical JJJ listener I think of “hipster”
ABC and I think of a professional who has a house with floorboards and a caesar stone kitchen bench top. They would also have glass splash backs in the kitchen.
Smooth and I think of a valium abuser or a functioning female alcoholic. They look like they have it all together but they are smashed most nights.
Macquarie Sports Radio is the most difficult type of listener to stereotype. How do you stereotype a cohort of two people?

And Triple M - definitely bogan. They would be a bloke with a souped up car who drinks beer and bets $5 a time on the pokies.

Every radio station owns a certain tribe.