Triple M Network

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Ten from then Airs at 12pm Monday to Friday on mix 94.5

Luke and Jess did work Anzac Day and Queens Birthday Holiday in June

Luke does a great show.

Non Daylight Savings
10pm to 4am
During Daylight Savings
9pm to 3am

Does Luke and Jess have a few week break off,

Last year all the normal shows on Mix had a break from the end of week 2 in December for a month with Luke and Jess pushing through until the last week before xmas then having a few weeks off before returninf Jan 15, all the mix shows including breakfast and lisa & pete returned a week before Luke and Jess did.

I love Lisa and Pete, i wish Kennedy Molloy would play more music seeing the interstate calls are sydnicated on mix when Perth callers cant contribute surely they could fit some more music in it.

Whats everyones views of Kennedy Molloy?


Just another version of what they had with various other hosts they replaced.


best Drive show by a long shot.


I listen to the Kennedy Molloy podcast each night when I go to bed. Was a huge fan of The Late Show and love the banter between Mick and Jane. It’s so unashamedly un PC with the humour taken in the spirit it is intended.

Mick and Jane have an interesting brother / sister type dynamic- you can tell they enjoy getting under each other’s skin but there is an underlying respect and friendship between the pair. Jane and Rob’s son as “the work experience kid” (undeclared on the show) has been particularly entertaining during his appearances.


Eddie announced this morning that Richard Stubbs is filling in for the Hot Breakfast when they go on leave in a couple of weeks.

Richard was in the studio with Eddie and Luke this morning and Eddie was talking about his history at Triple M, then said something to the words of “it’s great to have Richard back at the MMMs”, but then he seemed to back peddle, saying something like “not that I know anything, I just mean that it’s great to have him back after all this time”.

Could this be a trial run to see how he goes back at MMM again? Perhaps after 10 years the Hot Breakfast is finishing at the end of the year and Stubbsy is taking over?? Time will tell I guess.


Sounds like Eddie had let it slip that Stubbs was returning to Triple M in more than just a fill in capacity?


Just looked at all the Triple M websites schedules and has all the breakfast shows now starting at 7:00 till 10:00 with Luke Boner going thru till 7::00am. Can anybody shed any light???


Are you clicking the on air schedule link on the website that launches the listen live pop up? If you are then will automatically display the schedule times based on where you are. The Hit stations do the same thing.

I live in NZ therefore the on air schedule lists The Grill Team in Sydney being on air 9am-12pm and Kennedy Molloy 7pm-9pm.


Richard Stubbs returns to Triple M Melbourne, filling in for the Hot Breakfast while the team takes a well-deserved, post-football season break.


I was in NSW but back in Melb now and still has 7:00 am starts


Just had a look at the Triple M and Hit apps - for all stations, it’s still showing programs at regular times today (Friday) and Saturday, and all shows an hour later from Sunday. No doubt it’s a quirk related to daylight savings which starts this weekend.


Ah that makes sense, cheers


October on the Triple M network. The regionals have Barry Bissell doing the voice overs. Wish MELBOURNE would do same, he is a legend.


why is the playlist being repeated on triple m sydney tonight the same songs in the same order are playing listenened this arvo at around 5.30 till 6 pm and 11 pm the same songs in the same order are being played


Here’s something not to discount in the next couple of years:

Triple M is adding more talkback into its mix, and has been for a while now.

Don’t think for one minute that they’re not considering Kyle Sandilands for a network-wide, 9am to midday show, to take on Hadley.

When Kyle’s contract is up, and he knows this, he wouldn’t be a popular choice on 2GB.

Don’t bet against him being on Triple M network wide in the future.


Oh he’d be perfect for a talkback type show. He’s opinionated, uneducated, head up his arse. Basically the result of a three-way scientific nightmare between Jones, Hadley and Prue McSween.

Another reason not to listen to Triple M.


So Triple M doesn’t stand for Music Music Music? haha…


Mumble, Mutter, Moan


“Triple Your Talk”


That’s me getting up of a morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, I’d rather see Kyle shot out of a cannon never to return. They’re better off just sticking to music with less chatter during those time slots, and even better, giving that time AND the local branding back to their regional stations. F##k off Hadley and the branding.