Triple M Network

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I heard that one today


So do Fox FM, with Fifi Fev and Byron… Mel-BORN and BRED


Gold have billboards advertising Christian O’Connell that say “Made for Melbourne”


i think the regional playlist is crap compared to the metro playlist triple m is a rock station


Totally agree.


Both local breakfast shows, different to what I was referring to with a networked national show in Kennedy Molloy.


Sorry I meant The Fox saying that “All their shows are Mel-Born and Bred” which includes their National Drive Shows…


Ahh I see. It’s a good point. Even 2Day FM’s breakfast show is Mel-Born and Bred…

In this age of significant networking and lack of local content I guess they are trying to play the local card whenever they can.


Where has Ugly Phil been the past few days/weeks ???


I was wondering that also,haven’t heard him for nearly a week


Sydney & Brisbane websites were listing Becko in his place the other day, Melbourne still listing Ugly Phil - but take that with a grain of salt


So does Nova’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny.


This has already been mentioned on the “Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)” thread because it also affects Gold 92.5.



Changes to Mix 94.5 recentley

Nightmix Requests 7-8pm Mon-Thurs removed replaced by Ten from Then replay which usually was 8-9pm Monday To Thursday.

The Scene with Blake Williams Thursday Nights now moved to 8-9pm from previous slot of 9-10pm

Mix responded to me a few weeks ago no plans to broadcast Luke Bona live into Perth yet but you never know. Now these shows have changed in the evening (requests gone and ten from then and the scene moved) this frees up for Bona to be broadcast live into WA which im really hoping this will happen.

Theres alot of anger on mix page ever since this year with Lisa and Pete being changed to 3-5 and Kennedy Molloy 5-7

If Bona was on live in Perth i would be tuning into him even tho i do miss Mix Playing music throughout the night.

Bona wasnt on this morning due to Sydney Public Holiday so it was music on Mix.


Ten from then replay had being on for months


This 10 from Then replay, when does it first air for that to be a replay?

Keep on the ladies there to take Luke Bona live, it’s a wonderful show and for it to run 9p - 3a for 6mths of the year would be great listening for Perth. It’s a lively, unique show and there are geographic mentions throughout.

As for no music, they can stream 6IX or The Wave for music either side of the Mix format

Good, so there should be. Drive shows should be on until 7pm at least. Perth is a spread out city with a great network of roads and rail, people are commuting long after 6pm, the ABC acknowledged this with drive extended to 6:30pm.

What is the latest with 5MMM drive, do they continue or have they been sacked like Brisbane?

In the first half of 2017, Luke and Jess kept going regardless of public holidays to establish themselves, now they’re on air 6hrs/day, I guess they’re well and truly ready for every public holiday they can grab.

Did you know that weekdays, Luke & Jess contribute 25% of the total output. 30/120 hours.


Jars and Louis are 3-4pm on Triple M 104.7 and then 4-5pm on Triple M digital which is replayed on 104.7 at 6pm. Should never had split the show. Should have kept it 3-5pm.


Agree, will they be retained for 2019?


According to the latest Ratings, the afternoon slot is getting 12.3% only behind Mix 102.3 and Hit107. Would assume they would keep them for 2019