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To be fair, there’s probably not a lot of overlap outside Melbourne content-wise between K&M and the local breakfast shows

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Just found out it’s Jesse who’s doing the shorter versions of songs in the mornings on Mix 94.5 weekends.

Tim Lordan on this afternoon playing in full and should say first time I’ve heard Tim for a month!


It Sucks that the FM Stations are almost a Clone Of Greatest Hits Digital, whatever happened to the Newer Heavier Rock Triple M used to play?

Remember Tim is Production Manager at Mix these days
yes was good to hear him on the wireless yesterday

It would appear that Triple M, at least in Sydney & Melbourne, are competing more heavily with WS & Gold respectively in playing more softer music.

Here are some samples from today:
Triple M Sydney - Monday 9th September 2019 - 9am-3pm
Triple M Melbourne - Monday 9th September 2019 - 9am-2pm

For comparison purpose:
Triple M Greatest Hits Digital - Monday 9th September 2019 - 9am-3pm


Robin Bailey has quit as co-host of The Big Breakfast to be with her second husband Sean Pickwell, who is in final days of his life. In 2017, Pickwell was diagnosed with liver cancer which had since spread to his bones, blood and other organs.
Robin’s last day at Triple M Brisbane will be this Friday, September 20. Her first husband Tony Smart died in 2014.
Very sad.

Very sad news indeed.I feel like some times I know Robin Bailey very well having heard her on Brisbane
airwaves since about 2000 when she was a member of B105 Morning Crew to now.:confused:

I think she started at B105 in around 1994 and did 9 years there but not all of that was on air. A short while after that was at Gold FM Gold Coast then a very short stint on breakfast at 4KQ breakfast before 97.3 in 2006.


Sunday Mail front page

I remember her leaving B105 for a while when she was pregnant with her first son,so maybe you’re correct,she was there before 2000

Quotes from Triple M Brisbane content director Rex Morris:

Beyond her obvious talent, Robin has played an outstanding role for her team in the face of the sort of adversity that nobody should have to experience. There have been too many mornings to count where her bright personality and professionalism has masked the fact she may not have slept the night prior, or had just come to work after spending the night in hospital.
Everyone at SCA will miss Robin, and while she won’t be behind the microphone with us, Robin will never be far from our thoughts.

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Now Classic Rock is Playing a Few Early 90’s Tracks, Are they’re Serious???

Also noticed Classic Rock having a tagline"Rock of Ages" and also today heard one of the promos for it.I think it ties in well.


that was an old EON FM tagline from the 80s

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Probably not in the sense of Classic Rock, but those songs now are close to 30 years old, so would they fit a definition of modern rock?


Dead Set Legends believed to be doing mix brekky next week Survey break. Not sure if any changes for that week other than that will happen. I presume Kennedy Molloy may break but if that’s the case who will do the highlights will it be a local from each station or Dangerous Dave?

I met Tim when I had the mix club tour back in May, awesome bloke. Love it when he gets a run on the wireless. Have heard he may be on next week

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Emotional scenes on Robin’s final show on Triple M this morning.

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Won’t be the last we see if her. Give it 1-2 years once she is ready she will be back on a radio somewhere.

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