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Any takers?


Good, the show has lacked direction for a while now and when they have tried to do something new they’ve done it very strangely (Some of the Hack Live content last year was trainwreck worthy). Not to mention that now they’re pushing the podcast content more than they used to they could actually go further than just the M-F half hour slot.

To their credit they have done a great job over the years in making the content more varied - if we go back 10 years ago the show tended to get constantly stuck reporting on the same stuff over and over if there wasn’t any relevant news stories.



Lucky they have TV in St Helens.

Recent submissions to ACMA’s botched idea to support Janet’s desire to save a few more pennies reminded us of poor signal to Tassie’s east coast from the high powered JJJ sites.

The local community station seemingly led by the archetypal community radio leader who reinterpreted legislation more laughably than in The Castle also lamented the end of his monopoly.

This is the gold from “Blitz Grieg” whom I hope is no relation to Tony:


The presenter is Genevieve Fricker, who will appear on tonight’s episode of HYBPA.


I’ve no idea why any reader took offence to my comment. My comment did not encourage people breaking in to JJJ, I simply questioned why anyone would bother as who would be that wrapped up with the JJJ of today to bother.

Compared to a few decades ago, JJJ have lost their leadership of their youth market, especially in digital where compared to the rest of the ABC, they lag behind, far from setting the digital agenda.

If you don’t like what I write, please feel free to send me a private message first to discuss, I don’t bite, always respectful communication.


You haven’t cited any facts to back up your claim so I’m sensing it’s complete rubbish.


It was also widely reported that the perpetrator had stalked Fricker:

You raise a point that is potentially worthy of (seperate) discussion, not in the context of the incident as you did


Security clearly needs beefing up, awful.


Ok, send me the text please of what I contributed.



And the media takes this hook, line and sinker. Good stunt


They’d need to, ratings are dropping like a stone.




Shoe would be on the other foot if JJJ did something ‘irreverent’ and made their way into another station and on air.

For a station that has lost relevance and does nothing cutting edge these days, this act by a non employee is perhaps the most ‘cut through’ the station has had in a long time.


Stalking and assault is very different to wandering in to another broadcaster to try and get air time - especially seeing as it’s not like anyone has really done that.

I’m not really sure what you’re insinuating, but again I’m not sure that stalk&assault are really causing extra ‘cut-through’ - and if so, I don’t know that it’s reallt worth it.

I’ve not been to ABC in Sydney, but I visited the Melbourne studios and the security there was surprisingly intense to me - to the point where I would think it would be difficult to be able to do what this guy did in Sydney.
Is the security laxer or did this guy plan it exceptionally?


Again, you’re taking offence to a matter where none was given.

JJJ has long lost its rough edges, the youthful irreverence that you could get away with being a public broadcaster that commercial stations need to be so careful of.


I’m a daily JJJ listener and I haven’t agreed with everything you’ve said on here, but you’ve nailed one of the key issues with the station as it is in 2018 in this one sentence.

One day they’ll get rid of Kingsmill for good. He’s a cancer on the place and it’s just so painfully hypocritical that they move on older presenters / DJs but he seems to be able to stick around forever.

These days the management seem to define youthful irreverence as Tom Tilley acting like a passive aggressive asshole to Hack guests (albeit at least Hack is more varied than it was 10 years ago when they would regularly talk about climate change 3 times a week because it was the only topic they could get guests to talk on the show for).


You continue to conflate two seperate issues that should be treated separately