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Just going on the comments posted on the Triple J page… not an Australian artist, song not worth of it etc.


Hack is back from 5:30PM with Tom Tilley talking about Betting Company’s sucking Hottest 100 voters in to bet on the result.


Sour grapes?


Melbourne International Comedy Festival program on Triple J

Good Az Friday
Friday 30 March at 1pm, Live AEDT
triple j’s Good Az Friday is back again this year with Ben and Liam hosting a live all ages show at Melbourne Town Hall on Friday 30 March. It kicks off at 1pm and will feature a live Like A Version performance, plus appearances from some of the festival’s top comedians. More details to come soon.




Anyone from Mediaspy hear this happening live?

Nevermind transmission problems, they’re fleeting, I’d prefer to see JJJ programming improved.

It’s far too burdened by ABC regulation, it’s not the trailblazer it was even 20 years ago.

It will always be ahead of commercial stations, but it lacks the potency it had.

Imagine their launch song, Skyhooks ‘You just like me cos I’m good on bed’, there would be announcers on JJJ who would take offence to that or disagree with colloquialisms and profanities. Case in point being the previous host of the 9pm Sunday night sex and relationship show, she was a total prude, not a fit with the JJJ culture, yet they kept her on.


Kingsmill needs to be moved on, it’s a joke that every presenter that gets to a certain age is moved on yet he seems to have stuck around eternally as the guy running the show.

Hack needs to be overhauled (if anything they should have it as a daily or weekly podcast, it’s current timeslot and setup is outdated and the content is never all that great) albeit it used to be a lot worse 10 years ago (when for at least a year or two a majority of the show content was about environmental issues).


I kinda like Hack tbh. I’m usually a bit bummed that there won’t be any music for half an hour but then the actual topics are quite interesting so I end up not really minding by the end of it.


They have a whole show dedicated to sex so I’m not sure if your rant is close to accurate at all.


Yeah… I think it’s on either Wednesday night or Sunday night.

I listened yesterday but did not hear. I had a feeling after the RDS issues it was going to happen. Is the routing done at Mediahub?


I tuned in last night while browsing through the radio presets and there was some discussion on the topic of sex workers, their stigmatisation in society and their role in providing some emotional support to their clients.

After listening to a few phone ins from blokes discussing their experiences and getting onto the subject of massage parlours doing rubbing and tugging, I felt like I needed a shower.


So your issue with Triple J is the exact opposite of crankymedia’s argument that the station is sanitised. Well that seems to suggest that they’re doing a good job striking the right balance.


Wow, it’s only a two hour show. Get over it.


Last year, the host was inexperienced in handling the subject matter and an all round prude.

This year’s host Nat Tencic is perfect and a good host.

@MTLCK I was referring to last year’s host as you’ll see if you read my post again.


RDS issues were back on triple j today, followed by some distorted audio an hour or two later.


Veronica Milsom returns to triple j on July 23, with Gen Fricker returning to the lunch slot currently filled by Alex Dyson. Put out your tune rags (ping @TheHubMan)


I can wait for Veronica to come back but gonna be bad missing Dyso each day :confused:

Deffs gonna be wearing my offical triple j legionnaire


Where had she been?


Maternity leave