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JJJ has confirmed next year’s Hottest 100 will be held on Sunday, January 27. Voting opens next week, with polls closing on Tuesday, January 22.


With the Hottest 200-101 on the Monday, January 28 public holiday, kicking off at 12pm local.

Double J will replay the Hottest 100 of 1998 on the same day from 10am AEST


Good. Will be listening to that to possibly hear some underplayed gems.


Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross, the one-half of the former duo of Merrick & Rosso who used to do drive on Triple J back in the late 90s/early 00s before moving to Nova 96.9 breakfast in 2001, will be heard on Double J at 8-11am this Christmas Day.



Brooke Boney Has left JJJ & will work with Channel 9’s Tiday Shoiw is theur Entertainment Reporter she is a talnt… TRipleJ’s Loss is Channel 9’s Gain she has nt sold listeners ti JJJ out she i thing wants ti bryung Tripole listeners with her ti Channel 9 & i believe she will do so,


I don’t think many JJJ listeners would watch Today. Nor do I think the newsreader would have a huge pull factor no matter how talented she is.

That said, good to see a new indigenous female face on commercial TV.


Good to see an indigenous on commercial TV. A huge loss for JJJ but a big gain for 9.


big vc
i agree with you.
Brook Boney will bring many ABC Viewers to Channel 9 with her I read on the Age Website that one abc viewer & listener will \follow Brook Boney to \Channel 9 in 2019


I don’t think that’s likely to happen.

A lot of the traditional JJJ audience won’t go near commercial radio or television.


JJJ is a radio station, I doubt a single listener will even notice the morning newsreader has hot footed it off to become breakfast television entertainment reporter. This is a story because of who she’s replacing more than anything.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t watched Today since Liz Hayes left.


Wait and see what happens


Already one ABC viewers will follow Broook to Channel 9 many ore will follw him/ her


People view television and listen to the radio.


there are people these days who work on both Radio & Television hence the reason I say these days people listen to and watch the people who are on both Radio & television


Who? You? Hardly a standard media consumer considering you’re one of the four living creatures who listen to MSR.


This should be given an award, masterful.



Disappointing, although the last site upgrade significantly impacted usability for non premium members so I’ve used it less and less ever since.

Triple J itself isn’t quite there yet when it comes to the sheer volume of information Jplay provided though.


I have been listening to a bit of the Hottest 100 this so far, and the songs between 80-70 in particular have actually been quite good.

Normally, I only like maybe 1 out of every 5 songs on the Hottest 100 (and Triple J) in general.

I’ll keep listening for a bit longer now, and back in again for the Top 10 or so.