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Darren Hayes and Hilltop Hoods don’t want to be associated with Conservatives putting together an alternative Hottest 100 on Australia Day.


What will these anti JJJ types think when they realise the majority of songs that’ve made it on to the hottest hundred over the years aren’t even Australian and that now JJJ will dedicate the entire day to Australian music?


I think this is the best place to put the following.

This Sunday (28th January), Double J will be replaying the Triple J Hottest 100 from 1997 in full. This comes after the station has replayed the Hottest 100 of 1996 last year to immense response.

Source: Radioinfo


I still reckon it would be so much better if they played it back as it was broadcast in '97, with the then-announcers and all. Would be a fantastic piece of radio history (and very nostalgic for those who listened the first time)

Mind you, the ABC may not even have it recorded…


The #1 song in the Hottest 100 was played a short time ago.

A somewhat controversial Number 1…


It was easily the best song of 2017. Plus it has the benefit of keeping Gang Of Youths out of number 1.


That goes to show why I’m not a regular JJJ listener.

I don’t understand the appeal of those types of songs, but I can see that a lot of people do.


Gang of Youths had 3 in the top 10 and a fourth song earlier in the countdown (A like a version cover). They are the real winners. Best album of 2017 too IMO.

Agree. Could’t believe Kendrick had King Kunta in the top 2 in 2015 yet alone this years offering in “Humble.”.


“Couldn’t believe”? He’s one of the biggest musicians on the planet. Not only that, he has an obvious fan base in the Triple J demo. Both tracks are deserving.

Gang of Youths, in my opinion, sound like a generic indie rock group in the similar vain to Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys.

Of course, this is just a dumb list and we shouldn’t get too hung up about it - given Vance Joy was number one with the insufferable ‘Riptide’ a few years ago.


Have you seen him live? Has the “big three”. Talented guitarist, singer and song writer. Not every solo artist has that talent.


Yeah, saw him at Laneway that same year. He’s very good. That song just does my head in from the first time I heard it until the current day.


2017 was just such an average year of music for me, which is why I didn’t vote. Nothing particularly grabbed me outside of Holy Holy and Pond.

I’m always fascinated by how wildly tastes can differ though. I’ve listened to Lamar a bit but I had no inkling at all he would land #1


Yep, same here, the only idea I had that he would win was when I first checked the betting markets to see who was favoured by the bookies. Rubbish song to win it, but that’s just one poster’s opinion…

Gang of Youths suffered from having too many tracks to choose from - three songs in the top 10 meant the vote was split. Funnily enough for mine Deepest Sighs and Fire Goes Out were better tracks than Let Me Down Easy, which almost won it in the end

My best song for the year was Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam, for what it’s worth. It’s a song with at least a bit of vibrancy and energy, unlike most of the countdown which was fairly bland and boring (I mean Angus and Julia Stone reached #3 FFS), but it only reached #70. Goes to show how much (or little) I have in common with Triple J listeners :smile:


Any song by the latter > any Gang of Youths song


They’re all better than The Rubens. Fuck Hoops. Fuck it sideways.


Possibly the most disappointed I’ve been with a Number One. And I listened to the countdown where Big Jet Plane won…


Id never heard that song before… I had to youtube it… I must be getting old because that it sounds like absolute trash to me


A lot of the Hottest 100s dont age well - except maybe for the 1997 countdown thats on Double J right now :wink:

Listening to some of the countdown yesterday in the car, I realised that I dont listen to much new Australian music - admittedly I had a crashcourse in 2017’s good music over christmas thanks to a few playlists on spotify


Why controversial? Is he another sexual ‘harasser’?


How Marilyn Manson ranked higher than Karma Police is beyond me. 1997 has a lot to answer for.