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Okay, I’ll cop I massively misread this one. Not being Australian I didn’t realise the disdain indigenous people feel for the date and while not seeing it as “PC GONE MAD” as you claimed, did think it was Triple J being out of tune with society.

Coming from New Zealand, we have our own issues with treatment of Maori of course but they are better represented in day to day culture and on Waitangi Day (our national day), although it has issues of its own.


A day that was always going to come unfortunately… Zan Rowe is moving to Double J next year. Time to move RN to digital only and put Double J on FM IMO, but I might be just a little biased.


Agreed that this seemed inevitable - wouldn’t mind Double J in Stereo AM here in Melbourne though!


From a ratings perspective it probably makes sense, although I sense that in terms of public service commitments it is far easier to justify RN on AM/FM than it is Double J. Not to mention the commercial sector would have an aneurysm at the mere suggestion.


Changing Double J to music/personality talk and switching it with Classic FM (to DAB+) would make more sense.


But Classic FM appeals to an audience which is more likely to be reliant on traditional AM/FM than online/mobile streaming and digital radio. And then again Classic FM has niche value; the ABC is supposed to fill niches and cater to audiences which commercials can’t, and Classic FM fits the bill more so than Double J.

I feel like Double J is fine where it is. It gets heaps of plugs (especially Myf) on Triple J so audiences know it’s there.


Not to mention that the sort of audience that listens to Classic FM would probably prefer to listen to the station on analogue radio!


RN is far more valuable than a music station.


Classic FM is also the most commercially viable station for the ABC - generating significant revenue through CD sales and concerts. Given the current funding issues at the ABC, they’re unlikely to ditch that revenue stream.


Triple J released the rest of the 2018 schedule yesterday:
They’ve made a solid choice moving Linda to the mornings slot IMO.


Though I reckon some may follow Zan Rowe over to Double J. She’s got the same morning timeslot on Double J next year.


Oh definitely - and more exposure for Double J is always a good thing.


triple j Lunch with Alex Dyson.

NO FUCKING WAY!!! YESSSSSSSSS. Now all we need are cheeky special guests made by Tom Ballard and Matt Okine. Make it happen pls.


It’s only temporarily until Veronica is back from maternity leave then Gen Fricker is back to Lunch.

Tom Ballard also did some fill-in hosting after he left in 2013. Would be good to see Tom and Alex reunited.


Bring back the weather rave! lol


Linda and her show are the best listening on JJJ at the moment - I hope she can continue doing what she does best (keeping it simple and letting the music do most of the talking) in the morning shift. It should be good, and a worthy replacement for Zan


Yeah I’ve been listening to morning and lunch at work of late and it’s the weakest part of their schedule imo. Glad Linda is moving there.


Hack coming back at ‘The end of this month’


I assume maybe Monday 29th Jan? Just after the Hottest 100 weekend. That would be ideal as it it’s just in time for them to have plenty of conversations and talk about the weekend’s countdown and also the ongoing conversation of changing the date of Australia Day.


What is it with Triple J replaying the same songs over again?

This is something that I’d expect on some Digital Radio station not a station that has a International reach.