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Hub man has nailed the appeal of the countdown on Aus Day.

As long as a public holiday remains on 26 January, there will be demand for such a countdown.

The feel good consultation the ABC is doing is more proof of the corporation being hijacked by the do gooding minority types that have spread across seemingly all departments. Look at the ABC news, so much subjective moral preaching rather than factual reporting.


Ausmusic Month - November

Double J, ABC Local Radio & ABC iview

Songs of Your Streets: Brisbane, with Bernard Fanning: An Ausmusic Month Special – 6pm on Double J on Monday 13 November; 11am on ABC capital city stations on Friday 17 November and available on ABC iview from 5pm on 13 November

Songs Of Your Streets: Brisbane is an intimate live recording of a conversation between Bernard Fanning and Jacinta Parsons discussing what has driven his song writing career, featuring a short acoustic set by Bernard. The interview has been filmed and will also be available on ABC iview, and will air on Double J and ABC Radio capital city stations across Australia as part of Ausmusic Month in November.

Double J

Double J brings you memorable and essential Australian music performances and stories all month, including live music on Live at the Wireless on Double J from You Am I, Spiderbait, Jebediah, Something for Kate, Missy Higgins and Archie Roach. Dive into Double J’s music doco program with the J Files, as they explore the best of the music of WA, Midnight Oil and more. Double J’s Classic Albums will be seminal Australian records you know and love, from the Hilltop Hoods to The Hummingbirds. And much-loved Brisbane band Custard are Double J’s Artists in Residence for the month, playing you the tunes and telling you tall tales, Sunday afternoons from 3pm.

triple j

J Awards – Thursday 23 November

Tune into triple j from 4pm Thursday 23 November to hear who are the victors of the annual J Awards. Find who will take home triple j Australian Album of the Year, Double J Australian Artist of the Year, triple j Unearthed Artist of the Year and Australian Music Video of the Year as triple j celebrates the best and most creative contributions to Australian music.

triple j will also be presenting all-Australian Like a Version and Live at the Wireless performances throughout November, every Friday and Sunday respectively.

triple j Unearthed

Live At The Steps – 5pm – 9pm on Friday 17 November

triple j Unearthed have teamed up with The Push and Parliament of Victoria to present 2017’s Live At The Steps, a free all ages concert held on Parliament steps as part of Melbourne Music Week. The event will see live sets from incredible Australian artists Skegss, Tired Lion, Mallrat and Baker Boy, as well as some very special guests and surprises on the night.

ABC (main channel) - Programs and Schedules

triple j has been off-air nationwide for the past 30 minutes. Currently on the emergency tape in Melbourne - dating from around 2012, from what it sounds like.

Differing reports on social media as to how other ABC local services are affected - some say ABC Radio Sydney is off-air; can confirm that Melbourne is running as normal.

Edit: Twitter confirming 702 + RN are on-air in Sydney

Edit 8:45am AEDT: triple j still off-air in Melbourne on both FM & DAB+ - Double J, Unearthed, Classic FM all unaffected


All analogue services for JJJ off air in SEQ from Wide Bay down to Coffs all playing message. DAB is dead air.


Clearly problems at Ultimo this morning:


Back on in Melbourne on FM. Dead air continues on DAB+.

Zan Rowe on air with Ben & Liam, apparently they’re running live nationwide now


Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and N NSW are back on - Gold Coast, Warwick, Darling Downs, Wide Bay still off


It’s all gone wrong again. Feed cut out straight into the backup tape in Melbourne, now Double J and Unearthed are also off-air on DAB+

Edit 9:21am: Double J + Unearthed back on DAB+, triple j still on backup


NSW seems to be still OK - and the stations on air in Queensland are running a different program assuming 1 hour behind.


Twitter reporting problems in Hobart & Brisbane.


Back on in Melbourne; and we finally have a scapegoat!


For a while Brisbane and Sunshine Coast (must be fed from Brisbane) were playing some sort of backup music while the rest of the stations had returned. All stations back to normal now.


Qld, SA and WA are supposed to be getting a special 11am program to “fill in the gap” from this morning’s black out.


seems that Klotz crapped itself


Video of the outage this morning. This kicks in at approximately 9:05am AEDT; in Melbourne, the feed had been restored, but subsequently dropped out, and that’s when this video kicks in.

Also features the station coming back to life, with bottom of hour + top of hour links from Zan Rowe.


No surprise there, they should’ve had the brains to dump it years ago.


After conducting a review, Triple J’s Hottest 100 will as of next year move from being held on Australia Day to the 4th weekend of January - how it will work next year is the countdown will be on Saturday January 27th while the ‘Hottest 200’ will be on Sunday January 28th.

What the station will instead do on Australia Day is have a range of programming covering the events of the day and playing only Australian music.


Not surprised at this result at all.
There has been constant virtue signalling from Triple J in favour of changing the date. The coverage of the topic on hack has always been super one-sided.
This is basically the beginning of the end for the hottest 100 when it comes to its relevance IMO, and unfortunately yet another excuse for the likes of One Nation to try and cut funding to the ABC because of their supposed “bias”.

Having said all that though… I doubt Triple J will lose many listeners over it (including myself), and I like the proposed scheduling in having the hottest 200 on the next day.


Isn’t that what’s always happened though?


From memory the next Saturday after Australia day was when the Hottest 200 is played. So no, not much of a difference but rarely the next day either.