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The consensus from those attending a small gathering at my place yesterday was that the quality of music played on triple j last year was not great And the H100 is a reflection of that


Oh yeah everyone called it that Flume would get number one (either with NBLY or Say It). Skin is a good album but a step down from Flume. It’ll be a tough competition for the Grammy’s this year between NBLY and Don’t Let Me Down.

I’ve heard the same thing really. It was kinda like nothing else really stood out to be as good as Skin which really did clean up at it. I enjoyed this years a bit more because of the like a versions really.


For me, there was a lot of good music out there this year (Northeast Party House, Two Door Cinema Club and Ball Park Music), but Triple J didn’t play them too often and obviously they weren’t popular with the masses.

I’ve started liking Childish Gambino now though


Disgusting lack of Frank Ocean. A few drinks in the sun and by the time #6 hit I was cranky as.


Still ropable that the first Avalanches track only placed #91 (Subways).


To be fair, Because I’m Me was their better song :wink:

How the fuck did Two Door Cinema Club not even place in the top 200? I blame fucking Client Liason.


I don’t even think JJJ management would have been happy with the results - a lot of the artists they pushed crazy hard this year and gave overly generous airtime too cough D.D Dumbo, A.B Original cough didn’t even come close to the top 10.

IMO they fucked up big time on what tracks they dedicated airtime too with The Avalanches - they should have never ever given Frankie Sinatra so much play compared to the rest of the album.


The Australian reports Marc Fennell has quit as film critic for Triple J to concentrate on his role as host of The Feed for SBS Viceland. He has been reviewing movies since 2006. A nationwide campaign launches today to find a listener as the new film critic.


More than 1300 people registered their interest to be the new Triple J film critic. In the end, 22-year-old Amelia Navascues was appointed as the new reviewer.


Triple J are holding a survey about the date the Hottest 100 is held on:


I wonder what alternate dates they are considering…


My personal view is that it should remain on 26 January as long as Australia Day is held on that date.


I’m 50/50. I don’t particularly care, but I would miss the triple j parties being on Australia Day. Wouldn’t be the same on another day.


Could be held on New Year’s Day, but I’d imagine half the JJJ audience are zonked until around 6pm on January 1…



I was thinking that New Years Eve would probably be a good day to hold the Hottest 100 on if they were to move it from Australia Day.


Agree with mubd - If Australia Day ever gets moved, move the hottest 100 as well. If not, leave it be. If they do move it, it really needs to be a public holiday or within the 2 week period surrounding Christmas and New Years. Having it at any other time will massively reduce exposure IMO, or it will necessitate the need to not have a specific yearly date.

I have a funny feeling they’ll move it regardless of the results of the survey - the virtue signalling through the AIME sponsorship in the last two years is a massive hint at what the management want to do…


What date does 4ZZZ run their countdown which began long before JJJ?


New Years Day


Wow, ok, would expect most of their audience (4ZZZ) to miss it also being on Jan 1.


I’ll have you know, the proper term is ‘too cooked’

Aus day is all about getting so smashed at a party with beers that you make wizard sticks and sausages with the hottest 100 and having a massive circle jerk over flume, tame impala, RUFUS and/or WSN. Hottest 100 without Aus day ruins Aus day.