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Matt Okine & Alex Dyson are finishing up on triple j’s Breakfast slot in December.


Sad to hear - Matt and Alex, and before that Tom and Alex, are quite good and fairly easy to listen to. They weren’t quite on the Adam & Wil scale (though who could be), but still did a good show for a number of years


Sad but also excited for fresh blood. I think Triple J’s shows benefit from a turnover every now and then and some timeslots in particular feel especially staid after a number of years.


Remember when the Doctor finished up and we got Hack? Felt really refreshing and a bit more in touch with the younger triple j listeners.


Hack and The Doctor were on air during the same era?


Think they mean when Lindsey finished his shift for the afternoon



[quote=“matlock, post:23, topic:507”]
Sad but also excited for fresh blood.
[/quote]You didn’t happen to have some inside knowledge did you?
The new breakfast team is Ben & Liam who have been doing breakfast on Fresh 92.7 in Adelaide for the past 2 years.


Fuck I cooked it. But yeah nah I meant Arvos hahahahaha


Was great when that knob jockey doctor left, Veronica and Lewis have been great. Really wish Zan would go.


It’s Lewis McKirdy that I’m glad is leaving, as soon as we hear his voice at work the station gets changed immediately. Even in the quick dive to get to the radio from our desks he’s already managed to incoherently lose his place in a sentence or forget what his point was.


have ya heard of The Lewis McKirdy Drinking game?

[quote=‘The Louis McKirdy Drinking game’ on Facebook]
Listen out for these to have a drink…
Pretty sweet
Lewis McKirdy (finish you vessel)
And if he start to go off on a tangent not relating to the Hottest 100 nominate a mate to have a drink.[/quote]

here’s the facebook page


Hubby I’m seriously worried for you at the moment.


Yeah nah I’m just trying to prolong my life through this exam period with whatever I can grasp onto, both literally and figuratively lmao.

Friday I’ll be back to my normal self Friday 3pm wooo so pack er up boiz.

If anyone would like an english translation of the above, I would be more than obliged to do so


We’ve found the first person to not like Zan Rowe!


At the Perth rave and the line is sooo long right now, only started 45 mins ago


What’s your Hottest 100 predictions/votes?

Here’s my votes


I have to admit, I don’t really know any of those songs…


Tomorrow is really the only time of the year I listen to JJJ for any real length of time … as I will be at an Australia Day BBQ where they always have that on every year.

So I will be interested to see what the top songs end up being.


Some of your songs made it onto my playlist (Matlock’s Mixtape is what it’s called), but I voted for the following. 2016 was a good year for me.

Will be listening from the other side of the world. I might even be receiving a phone call


Well that was predictable. Don’t mind, it’s a good song.

And literally half of my songs didn’t even make it. :frowning: