triple j

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Well its over for another year.

I liked more of the songs this year than I have in past years.

It will make me try and listen to Triple J more often.


I’ll firstly get my curmudgeonliness out and ask, how on earth can a song that sounds like an alarm clock and has only three words finish #2 in a national countdown?!

There were some good songs thrown in amongst the list, as usual. Confidence is a slow, easy track that doesn’t offend too many people, much like The Rubens winning a couple of years ago. Not much exciting

Though after yesterday I do think this station definitely has one too many Js in its name for my taste


Enjoying this 1998 Hottest 100 on Double J :+1:
First time i’ve listened to a JJJ station in about 5 years. The callers are good too, better than just straight music.



To power the timeline we collected data from Spotify on nearly every song that has featured in the Hottest 100 since it began

Interesting, ABC continue to ignore the local JJJ analyst that has just wrapped up his years of coverage.

ABC also doesn’t have data of their own and has had to use an overseas third party.

A shame on both counts.


Personally, I’d say the 2010 winner is a more accurate comparison… I can see both songs fitting live a glove on Smooth’s playlist.


Does/Did J-Play offer similar data to Spotify? I doubt many have the breadth of data about a song as is available through spotify -


Just noticed triple j and Double J now have now playing info and cover art on Radio App. Previously they didn’t which is why I often used the ABC listen app for these stations.

I assumed early on it was because Radio App was developed by Commercial Radio Australia and they didn’t get the integration right or weren’t willing to provide that info. Glad they do it now.


30 years today since the original Hot 100 went to air