Top Gear Australia

Paramount+ Given The Keys To Top Gear Australia.

Racing to Paramount+ In 2024.

What do a music composer, lovable larrikin and a TV host have in common with millions of people around the world? The need for speed.

Paramount+ and BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand today announced a new Australian version of Top Gear, the globally acclaimed series known for its adrenaline-fuelled adventures and outrageous challenges, is parking itself on Paramount+ Australia in 2024. The series will be produced by BBC Studios local production arm.

It wouldn’t be Top Gear without the high-octane antics, so rest assured, they aren’t going anywhere. But in 2024, the mechanics behind Top Gear Australia have given the series an epic tune up, introducing three new hosts. In the driver’s seat is music composer and car enthusiast*,* Blair Joscelyne, loveable larrikin Beau Ryan and Jonathan LaPaglia.

Blair “Moog” Joscelyne is the co-creator of the popular indie auto YouTube series Mighty Car Mods. With his best mate Marty Mulholland, the independent automotive series began back in 2007, when Marty and Moog started filming videos in Marty’s mum’s driveway.

They’ve come a long way since then with over half a billion YouTube views, making it the #1 DIY Automotive channel in Australia, and one of the most watched automotive programs in the world. Blair is also an accomplished music composer, musician, producer, and film maker.

Blair said: “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity when you get asked to be part of one of the biggest motoring shows in the world. And I will take my job seriously of frying the tyres of any vehicle that the producers are irresponsible enough to hand me the keys to.”

It’s no secret that Australia can’t get enough of this guy. A prankster with boundless energy, Beau Ryan is not only the host of The Amazing Race Australia, but in 2024 he will also co-host the highly anticipated series, Gladiators, on 10.

Beau’s cheeky sense of humour and bloke-next-door attitude make him the perfect co-driver for Top Gear Australia.

Beau Ryan said: “I’m super excited to be part of such an iconic franchise and can’t wait to bring it back to Australia. So, fasten your seatbelts, because this is going to be one hell of a ride!”

Internationally acclaimed actor, Jonathan LaPaglia, a true connoisseur of cars, has been steering Australian Survivor castaways through their most demanding trials, and he’s now revving up for his most adrenaline-fueled adventure to date.

Jonathan LaPaglia said: “When Network 10 and BBC Studios asked me if I’d be interested traveling all over the world to test really cool cars and behave like an idiot I said, “Of course I’m interested. Where do I sign? Top Gear is arguably the biggest (and greatest) car show ever and as a massive fan I used to fantasise being on it one day as a guest racing the Reasonably Priced Car around their test track. I waited, that call never came. But 20 years later someone at Top Gear HQ screwed up, confused me with someone else, and asked me to be the host of Top Gear Australia? Buckle up, this could get bumpy!”

From heart-pounding races across iconic landscapes to in-depth reviews of the latest automotive marvels, Top Gear Australia will deliver the excitement and entertainment that fans around the world have come to love.

SVP Content & Programming, Paramount Australia & New Zealand, Daniel Monaghan said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with BBC Studios to bring a localised version of the iconic series to Paramount +. Top Gear Australia promises to deliver everything fans love about the show but with an Aussie twist. We can’t wait for Jonathan, Beau and Blair to get behind the wheel of the world’s biggest car entertainment show.

Kylie Washington, General Manager and Creative Director, Production, BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand, said: “Top Gear is a global juggernaut which has entertained viewers in over 150 territories worldwide and we are excited to bring this fresh, new-imagining of the show to Australian audiences together with Paramount+. In Jonathan, Beau and Blair we have found a winning combination of expert knowledge and on-screen chemistry that we know audiences will love.”

The eight-part series, which begins filming later this year, is based on the world-famous format from BBC Studios.

And to add to the excitement, fans of Top Gear will be able to catch Seasons 27 to 31 (2019 to 2021) of the UK series with hosts Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness on Paramount+ in 2024.


Moog from Mighty Car Mods will be one of the hosts of Top Gear Australia


Beau Ryan?


Dang, Beau Ryan has almost of the shows. He’s like Sonia Kruger of Ten.


Yeah not so much of a fan of Beau being on this too, if that was the plan I would’ve gone with someone else for Gladiators.

LaPaglia is a nice surprise however, and nice to see them actually go with someone pretty knowledgeable (and with a big following) in Blair.


He seems to be their go to host at the moment given the amount of shows he’s on, Surprised they didn’t give him Deal or No Deal as well

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I think my biggest fear for this reboot is the chemistry between the hosts they’ve gone with, it’s not the type of show you can just throw 3 people together and hope they work.

A big part of the appeal of the original, and even with the current UK version which is not currently in production, was the interaction and seemingly genuine friendship/rivalry between the hosts.

10 are going big with this iteration too, studio elements shot locally but lots of travel and shooting across multiple territories is planned so it should look pretty good on screen.

Interestingly the show has already been sold to multiple territories: Latin America, France, Germany, Switzerland Austria, Italy, Korea, Japan, and Canada.


According to a report on Drive website:

Well-placed industry sources have told Drive the Top Gear Australia revival will be filmed by a BBC crew based here for three months over summer.

Drive understands BBC representatives have already approached a number of car companies in Australia for vehicles to test – including a new twist on the ‘Star In A Reasonably Priced Car’ segment, in which famous people test their skills on a closed course against a stopwatch.

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Jonathan LaPaglia told News Corp he had started filming the show in Colombia.

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Veteran actor and TV host Jonathan LaPaglia has jetted to South America for the chance to star in another long awaited reality TV reboot.

Not sure the accuracy of that last part, literally nobody asked for this reboot (though I personally welcome it if done well, which I have my doubts) and everytime it’s mentioned online it’s fairly panned in social commentary which choice of hosts etc.

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The show is coming to Paramount+ in May, according to a promo shown tonight during Australian Survivor finale.

Segments were shot in front of a live audience at Sydney’s Cockatoo Island on March 15-17. Filming will continue at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne this week.

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Have to say, the ad is a bit lame.

Clearly filmed on a greenscreen also…

Very noticeable.


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So what? It’s a promo. You realise I’m A Celebrity promos that have been running for months were not actually filmed in Africa either? Shock! Horror! :open_mouth:

The promo is terrible IMO, and filming on a green screen also makes it look incredibly cheap.

I’m not comparing it with Celeb’s promos, very aware promos are sometimes filmed this way, I am however commenting about this promo.

For a show which is literally about cars being driven / tested / pushed to their limit etc it’s just cheap and I expected more.

You don’t have to agree :man_shrugging:t3:

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Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s just an intro promo. They’ll probably have other promos later, once they have a few episodes recorded.

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I’m merely adding commentary to the first promo we’re seeing for the show, literally the purpose of this forum.

As a car enthusiast and fan of the show who is looking forward to watching it, I think it’s underwhelming as a starting promo.

But thanks for your feedback about my opinion.

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Beau said he, Jonathan and Blair finished filming on Friday morning, with a hot lap around the F1 track at Albert Park.

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Top Gear Australia Shifts Into High Gear On Paramount+.

Australian Original Series Streams Exclusively On Paramount+ From Friday, 17 May.

Get ready to buckle up and experience the ultimate thrill ride, when Top Gear Australia, the globally acclaimed series renowned for its adrenaline-fuelled adventures and outrageous challenges, premieres on Paramount+ in Australia on Friday, 17 May. Internationally, the series will also premiere in Canada on Friday, 17 May, and in Latin America, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Japan at a later date.

Taking the wheel of the world’s biggest car entertainment show, are hosts Blair Joscelyne, Beau Ryan and Jonathan LaPaglia, as they deliver everything fans have come to love about the beloved franchise – a turbocharged blend of entertainment, information, and pure automotive passion – but with an unmistakable Aussie twist.

From our very own backyard, through the winding roads of the French Alps, the historic streets of Rome, the glamorous coastline of St Tropez, and the rugged terrain of Colombia’s jungle, our intrepid hosts and the Aussie Stig, will stop at nothing to bring you the most thrilling automotive escapades from around the globe.

Produced by BBC Studios Productions Australia, the eight-part series is set to become the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts and entertainment seekers across Australia and beyond.

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I wonder if those other territories where the show will be seen are all locations where P+ is available? Surely there would be sales for this in UK, US etc too.