Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things

A five-part series for the ABC, Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things follows Tony in this very personal documentary series, as he goes on the road to learn about the untold history of Australia through everyday Aussies and their not so ordinary objects.

Tony’s on a mission to build his very own exhibition for the National Museum of Australia that tells the untold history of our country, through ordinary objects that reveal extraordinary stories. The series will see sentimental possessions placed front and centre as we unravel some of Australia’s most defining moments, one object at a time.

From FremantleMedia Australia, Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things is directed and produced by Hayden Guppy (Get Krack!n, Luke Warm Sex), produced by Ash Gibb and executive produced by Josie Mason Campbell (This is Going to be Big) and Sophie Meyrick (Life on the Outside). It is financed by the ABC.


Great that Tony is getting a lot of opportunities at the ABC, must be hoping that keeping him busy with projects outside of News Breakfast will keep him from wandering from the network.


Wonder if ABC will give him a contract renewal, he’s made a joke about it to Justin Stevens two years running now publicly at the Logies on-stage.

Yeah, I saw that. A bit unprofessional really. I didn’t find it funny.

It’s a joke, dweebs.

Yeah, and I didn’t find it funny. Comedy is subjective.

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Did you find Sonia Kruger’s joke funny? The one about her agent supposedly telling her “well Sonia, I think people are a little over Hamish”.
No laughs from the audience. Just gasps and people yelling at her.

She surprisingly kept going, “and frankly I’m secretly hoping he’ll leave the agency so I can concentrateall my efforts on you”. The audience was silent until thr camera was on Hamish Blake and he joked about feeling defeated by those comments, which was only then that anyone laughed.

She tried to say she was “only joking” but she really didn’t read the room at all. I noticed that Seven posted her acceptance speech on social media but edited that whole bit out.

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