ABC TV - Programs and Schedules

Week commencing 19 May 2024


Sunday 19 May
7:30pm Call The Midwife
8:30pm After The Party
9:20pm The Luminaries
10:15pm Shetland Rpt
11:15pm Savage River Rpt
12:10am The Messenger Rpt

Monday 20 May
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm Australian Story
8:30pm Four Corners
9:15pm Media Watch
9:35pm Q+A
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:10pm Gruen Rpt
11:45pm Planet America Rpt
12:20am Grand Designs: South Lakeland Rpt

Tuesday 21 May
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things Series Premiere
9:00pm Secret Science Series Premiere

9:30pm David Stratton’s Stories Of Australian Cinema: Outsiders Rpt
10:35pm ABC Late News
10:50pm The Business Rpt
11:05pm Four Corners Rpt
11:50pm Q+A Rpt
12:55am Media Watch Rpt

Wednesday 22 May
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm Hard Quiz
8:30pm Gruen
9:05pm QI: ‘U’ Animals
9:40pm QI: Unrelated
10:10pm Planet America Rpt
10:40pm ABC Late News
10:55pm The Business Rpt
11:10pm The Luminaries Rpt
12:05am Superwog: Something Fishy Rpt

Thursday 23 May
7:30pm 7.30
8:00pm Restoration Australia: Lamb House, Brisbane Season Premiere
9:00pm Grand Designs: Wye Valley Season Premiere
9:50pm Antiques Roadshow: Ulster 2 Rpt
10:50pm ABC Late News
11:05pm The Business Rpt
11:20pm Love On The Spectrum Rpt
12:15am Grand Designs: South Manchester Rpt

Friday 24 May
7:30pm Gardening Australia
8:30pm Silent Witness: Star Part 1
9:30pm Gruen Rpt
10:10pm Hard Quiz Rpt
10:40pm ABC Late News
10:55pm Grand Designs: Tunbridge Wells Rpt
11:40pm Long Lost Family Rpt
12:30am We Hunt Together Rpt

Saturday 25 May
7:30pm Father Brown: The Royal Visit
8:15pm Midsomer Murders: The Lions Of Causton
9:50pm After The Party Rpt
10:35pm Shetland Rpt
11:35pm rage Guest Programmer