Tongue-in-cheek mocks


hopefully its available in hd


That’s a bit cheeky, @SydneyOnAirTV! :wink:


will it be pumped out on prime? :stuck_out_tongue:


pm me source woman xoxo ty

just straight up reminds me of ten in like the 03-05 days, when they had that adults only/uplate/uncut version of BBAU

What a time to be alive


Bring those days back. :joy:


Apparently women (massive generalisation) hate the word “Moist”

A discussion at my place of work a few years ago revealed the majority dislike the word. This came about because a cake was described as moist.

It was subsequently revealed that female members of the team also have problems with “panties” … the word not the item.

Put the two words together and there were shrieks of horror.

Go figure…



Since the segment in this week’s episode of Scope where Lee Constable presented a forecast was recorded before the relaunch, I’ve had a go at whipping one up with the current look! :slight_smile:

Credit to @dJ_Cazzah for the Synoptic cap I used as the background. Wanted to use one from TVQ weather (since Scope is produced there), but couldn’t find one that quite worked so settled for a generic.


7Food Network promo but it’s a YTP.


Wtf did I just watch.


Funny but in a unique way.


A new look for Nine News Perth is on the way with the coming of Mike Dalton. I guess if the look works for regionals…

  • Weird angle cityscape from helicopter - check!
  • CGI guff on top of that - check!
  • Pointless floating logo screen - check!

“Welcome Home”:joy:


As much as I want to laugh at that, I sadly wouldn’t be surprised if a lower scale set (or chroma keyed backdrop) becomes a reality for Nine News Perth sometime in the next few years.


Nah. More than likely the current iteration of the set sticks around longer than it does for the other capitals.


i live for YTP videos



That’s too high-res for them


Why? They have a giant and fully functional set.


I much prefer Nine’s more subtle approach to reporting on severe weather to Tim Bailey’s.


Not really a mock, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to do this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: