Tongue-in-cheek mocks


Of course, this one had to happen eventually! :slight_smile:





You’ve given me an idea for a new period-based news bulletin…



Is that a photo of Sandra Sully or Georgie Gardner? :wink:

Good one BTW.


Difficult to tell, but she’ll definitely have the voice of Jennifer Byrne… or is it Jennifer Keyte…? :joy:


nah, its obviously sandra sultry


Now for a news flash

if you know you know


That’s called indecent exposure. Quite illegal. :rofl:


It was also the caption to a cartoon in Penthouse or Playboy in the early 90s featuring Anne Fullwood sitting at a news desk delivering a “news flash”

Anne and Ten took legal action and I believe the issue was pulped.


The BBC produced a series of mock nightly news bulletins to mark a key anniversary of World War 2… each bulletin covered significant events of the day concerned complete with reports and “live” crosses.

It was very well done…


Never mind Tomorrow Tonight on the ABC I’d be happy if they did Yesterday Today and just produced historical news bulletins based on real events.

Great education content.


More truth in TV promotion


That promo for Seven is missing a very important disclaimer though…

“Offer invalid for One Day International Cricket, go and give money to Foxtel if you really want to watch those matches you used to see coverage of on TV for free.”



The BBC also did this with a series of bulletins based around Jesus and his death.

Again, very well done with an amazing theme to it…


I don’t know how Ten can expect anyone to watch their Saturday nights when they can’t promote the line-up because it is full of TBAs. Perhaps they could turn it into a ‘surprise’ night.


RNZ News First…?



Fox News supporting CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump administration. I can imagine Trump live-tweeting the headlines from Fox and Friends…



This but better and accurate:



You do realise I changed the username and picture on purpose, right? :joy::joy: