Tongue-in-cheek mocks




BREAKING NEWS!! Ten announces a new multichannel. See the return of prime time Simpsons with crime TV at all other hours.



Or… delete the Simpsons element, keep the “OJ” and you’ve got yourself a channel dedicated to slasher films.


You might be on to something, it is Halloween after all and the new Halloween movie is coming out :thinking:


The 10 Logo in black and orange, phwoar.


Maybe WIN will want to accessorize their logo origami style? :joy:


You peel it off an you discover mappy.


For WIN Television standards, that looks far too elegant.

The map of Australia is probably what I’d expect to see from WIN on Ten’s updated promos/presentational elements - remember they’re also technically a Ten/Sky News affiliate these days! :wink:


Is this better?


change text to white


Try the ‘Impact’ font


networkten-2018relaunch-heartlogojoke-10inheart networkten-2018relaunch-heartlogojoke-incircle





Honestly was suprised the 10 rebrand didn’t have emoji as channel names



Because it had to happen eventually, if the CBS logo was incorporated into Ten’s new one! :smiley:



LOL! :laughing: This is what happens when WIN’s streaming lawsuit is actually accepted…


Just some snaps I got from the new update. Love the 90s to early 00s feel. Especially the corny transition. Great work, keep it up.


Is this considered a tongue-in-cheek? Leaving this here.


Swiped it from the 7food thread did ya? :joy::wink: