Tongue-in-cheek mocks


Holds up her gun…


Ten testing some promotional ideas ahead of the upfronts later this month.


Wish they would bring back number three. Still love that logo.


Number 2 :heart_eyes:


Now there’s some advertising on the Sydney Opera House I can get behind! :+1:


The marketing budget has been increased…


Coming soon to Uluru - was starting to look a bit plain.


Just a light-hearted and not at all serious promo for a new circle-based Ten logo (whatever it may be…). With a lot more polish and Ten’s unannounced proper “refreshed” logo (assuming it will be a circle), maybe it could be a real promo too. :slight_smile:

All sound effects (except Ten’s production ender) were sourced from with CC0 (public domain) licensing


That is amazing


love it :smile:


I think you posted it in the wrong place. It looks too good to be “tongue-in-cheek”!


A familiar face reporting for ABC’s Mad as Hell yesterday - The latest Ten face to appear on the ABC?


Ole Porcupine…”This is Star Station Ten” or “First In Colour”


Hah, thanks. My take was just for the lols really :smile:. I think the underlying concept has ‘real promo’ potential though! ‘Move over old ten logo, there’s a new ten in town!’ type of thing…


Nope, you’re all wrong…




If Australia had “Truth in TV Promotion” regulations.

A requirement would be to present a selection of critics when using quotes.

Should also extend to program titles.

Though some program titles already comply.


Getting in while the joke is still relevant, if Ten really went overboard with their “love heart” variant of the logo (like they did around 2014-15, from memory):


Also while I’m at it…



This Style could always make a Comeback :grin: